My story.

Like many others I have struggled with an ED. This isn’t part of my identity, it’s not who I am. But I can safely say that it has shaped who I am and has had a deciding impact on my life.

My story isn’t a romanticized one – it shows the brutal side of eating disorders, the side that most people want to cover up or forget about. But I hope it will serve as a wake up call to those reading it that eating disorders aren’t a joke. They are a seriouse life threatening illness.

To those still recovering from an ED I hope you will find strength in the fact that no matter how difficult recovery is, it is possible. There is light at the end of the tunnel and if you hold on and don’t give up, I promise you that your life will be so much better

My story

  1. part 1
  2. part 2
  3. part 3
  4. part 4
  5. part 5



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  2. I am SO SO glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours. After reading your story, I can really relate. You’re such a strong girl and you deserve so much more than that dumb ED 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!
    BTW, that scale pic is totally going up on my wall, I love it!

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