How I eat

I like LOVE healthy food. I don’t TRY to love healthy food, I’m not one of these people that have a constant pep-talk going on in their heads (I like salad, I like salad, I like salad) when what they really want a square of chocolate. I honestly enjoy the flavor of whole foods, I like the way they make my body feel. So that’s how I eat and live.

I believe balance and moderation are the key to a healthy life. Life would be no fun is you didn’t have a dessert now and then, or a drink at a bar with some friends, or a  cheesy pizza for dinner. I truly believe that intuitive eating and listening to your body is key to finding and maintaining a healthy balance.

In addition to that, I strongly believe that an “all or nothing at all” mindset is the best way to derail your plans of healthy living.
No one’s perfect, and although you should strive to eat and live in a healthy way, you can’t do that perfectly either. So quit trying to do that. Do the best with what you have and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Life is too short to spend beating yourself up over what you couldn’t do. Do what you can do, and be happy with that 🙂

(Dana wrote a great post about it here, and I believe it’s something important to keep in mind.)

As a side note healthy eating does NOT mean deprivation. I used to think so, but there are amazingly delicious, exiting and flavorful foods that are (gasp) good for you. Here are some blogs that opened my eyes to how much fun healthy eating can be:

Try it, you just might like it 😉


PS: And if your interested in some of my personal experiments/creations – click here



  1. I just wanted to drop some comment love, because I am currently “digging” your blog and have yet tp read your recent post (because I want to read the part 1 first.)
    You have a very healthy attitude toward food, it seems and isn’t it a joy?

  2. Hi there,
    I just found your blog and I love this post on why you eat healthy! It’s wonderful and I completely agree 🙂 Maintaining a healthy balance and listening to what your body truly craves and wants is something beautiful.

  3. Oh my goodness we are so similar. I love healthy foods too, I’d b gutted if someone said I couldn’t have them. So glad I’ve found your blog!!!

  4. Hey 🙂
    I have just found your blog and i am so glad because i am currently trying to recover and stay out of hospital from my eating disorder. I have never been and never want to go!
    I love your blog because it shows me that i could be like you one day. I hope anyway 🙂 x

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