Food and fitness

Wow, I love how serious this title is – like I actually have something wise to say on the topic :P. As I’ve mentioned before, I sort of have a hard time finding a “theme” for my blog. I’m not really so very obsessed, passionate, about anything to make it a blogging theme. Well, Zumba is sort of my new obsession, and all members of my family and my immediate friends are very likely bored to tears with me always showing them songs and dance moves and the like, but even that I don’t really feel an authority to blog about it. Still something keeps me writing, some odd sense of wanting to stay connected to the few people who still pop by J


Well I mentioned in a previous post that I was having a hard time balancing my food and fitness regiment. I am not leading any classes officially yet (will be starting in September though, yikes :D), but you’d better believe that any free time I have is spent practicing, dancing and the like.  It’s gotten to the point it’s practically the only cardio I do because it’s perfecting my skills, working up a sweat, and giving me an awesome mood boost at the same time. Win, Win!

 However there  is a slight “downside” to this perfect little set up I have going here. Dancing (and any kind of cardio for that matter) makes me ravenous, and it’s all about the sweets. Honestly  when I first started dancing more (which still isn’t an insane amount – max 2h a day) I was freaked out by my appetite. Like woah – where is all this from.  And I’m still not so good at listening to my hunger signals – so I definitely overdid it some days, and under did it some other days.  That’s not even mentioning the mind games involved (because lets be honest old habit die hard). But slowly but surely I’m getting things set up straight.


The key is : balance. Wow, what a revelation, but to be honest it’s not my strong point. I tend towards more of a lower carb diet when I’m not working out, because too much sugar in any form whackes out my hunger fullness signals like there’s no tomorrow. As in I can eat fruit till my stomach hurts and still never feel full. But all of a sudden I’m doing something that requires a lot of quick energy ie. sugar. On the flip side, even though I need more, doesn’t mean my body reacts to it better. So after a few days of insane highs, lows, sugar crashes, and stomach aches I’m slowly learning balance.

A key element is fat, I know , I know everyone says this – but unless I’m really focusing on getting more fat in my diet – it doesn’t happen. But really the days I’ve eaten the most fats are the days I’ve had the most energy, the least stomach issues, felt the most satisfied and overall well.  When I eat enough fat and protein, I just listen to my body on the sugar front. Generally if I’m craving something sweet, I need the energy and that’s that. The days I’ve tried to cheat my body and eat less of something or the other – I have zero energy and feel so guilty because I can’t do what I love.  Really what it comes down to in the end it – what is more important a perfectly controlled diet or doing what I love well (dancing), even if I eat more and even (gasp) gain weight in the long run as a result. And honestly, when I don’t over think it and just listen to my body, things just generally work.

 That’s why I’m really happy I found an active past time like dance, because it’s really changing my attitude on food to a more intuitive one. Intuitive eating is something really hard to incorporate if you’ve suffered from disordered eating for any length of time, because you don’t know what you bodies signals are anymore. I’m still learning but it helps to have some kind of motivation of something you need the fuel for. Food becomes more then an obsession, or a hobby, or something that need to be planned and counted every minute of every day. It becomes a means to an end, something that helps you perform at maximum capacity. And it helps that it can be delicious as well;)



  1. I think it’s awesome how you more and more manage to normalize your eating habits.
    It is so important to learn how to listen to your body and its needs,and most certainly,after such a long time of listening to the voice of your Eating Disorder,it’s truly admirable what you have reached by now.
    I cannot understand how you have to make sure to get enough fat though… In fact,if I wouldn’t be careful,I’d probably live off fat all day. What shall I say… I love avocadoes,cheese & nuts far too much,haha 😛

  2. Your last two paragraphs were exactly what I needed to read. I’ve been *slowly* going through the process of trying to eat more and not freak out about gaining healthy weight. I do feel so much more energetic when I eat properly, it’s just difficult mentally to get myself to do it everyday. It’s really reassuring to hear that someone else is going through similar steps and is having success though 🙂

  3. I love Zumba too — it is so much fun and a great way to relieve stress after a long day of classes. 🙂

    Your realization is something that I’ve had to come to with myself too. I had to stop thinking about food as the enemy and start viewing it as a way to fuel my body so I could do the things I love. Listening to my body really helps me and keeps me focused on what matters most. ❤

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