A quick update

-2 AM study sessions

-Days spent at work

– Feeling like I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open

– Lots of coffee helps too

– Reaching the end of the day with a whole to do list still in front of me

– Food – is something I put in my mouth, chew, swallow – rarely noticing what it is. Exercise – is walking to work and back.

– Zumba – my favorite stress reliever

– Group projects – suck when your teammates bail on you last minute

– Being overly abitious bites you in the butt.

– Miss connecting with all of you and having more time to write and comment 😦

– Bu t I do remember a time when this was the life I dreamed of, and to be honest overall I can’t complain. But the next three weeks are gonna be one bumby ride.

Miss you all though. Hugs!

Share something from your week in bullets – I want to know whats going on 🙂



  1. – Medical Nutrition Therapy Exam: 74/75
    – Playing computer games way more than I should and loving every minute of it.
    – Cleaning up the suite to move out today.
    – Crazy MicroBio final today.
    – Graduation tomorrow.
    Busy, busy busy, but next week is 7 days of pure nothing. :]

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