April goals

First things first – thank all of you who left sweet comments on my last post (especially regarding my recent changes – if you know what I mean 😉 ). Really, it means so much to me – especially since I’m stil on the fence as to how I feel about my new looks/body and all that. There are better days then others of course – but in general I can use all the positive reinforcment I can get.

So Easter break has sadly come to an end and it’s back to work, normal life. School is picking up and the assigments are piling up – not to mention tests and exams so I have a lot on my plate. And to  be honest right now it feels pretty overwhelming. OOh, not to mention I’m still recovering from the Easter feast. I ate a whole bunch of foods I “wasn’t supposed to” , and although I enjoyed every bite, I’m really feeling it today – ouch!!

So I think it’s time to make some goals to make the most of this month:

– Get back on track with eating right. “Right” meaning in a way that is good for my body. Time to do a bit of a “paleoish” detox to get my gut healing again. I see eggs, olive oil and loads of fruit and veg on the horrizon.

– Take some “me time” every day

– Stay active. I don’t work out every day – but I find that keeping active really does help to keep my stress levels in check, as well keep me feeling energized and healthy. So although I don’t always have time for a “proper work out” I’ll try to make little changes to my current lifestyle to help me move more (i.e walk instead of taking the bus etc.). It’s the little things that make a big diffrenece.

– Enjoy my meals. Recently I’m noticing that I inhale my food as opposed to properly chewing, swallowing and enjoying it. Cue stomach issues and some mental dissatisfaction. I think I can afford to put aside a few more minutes a day to eat.

– Enjoy life in general. When things get busy I tend to work,work, work – cue more stress=more work hours=more stress – and it’s a cycle till I drop. Not letting that happen this year. Spring should be coming soon, and I’m looking forward to it.


So yeah, those are my goals for the month – got any of your own to share?



  1. I love your goals for April, especially the one about taking time out for yourself everyday. That is so important! This month, my goals are to keep working in recovery, and also find healthy ways to deal with my anxiety. Hopefully I can accomplish them!

    Also, I meant to comment on your last post but didn’t get a chance. I just wanted to say that you look absolutely beautiful, and I mean that. Not only are you gorgeous on the outside, but the strength and courage it’s taken to get yourself to a better place, as well as the determination it takes to continue to fight everyday, make you that much more beautiful. I hope that someday soon, you are able to see how stunning you truly are.

  2. I agree with Carli! It is super important to take time out for yourself each day.
    Hehe. I’m with you on the eggs, meat and veggies. I’ve been eating way too much chocolate these days out of desperation (long nights in the labs) and my brain needs some good fueling 🙂
    Spring is wonderful. Such renewal in the air!

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