Marvelous Monday.

I generally tend to think of my life as pretty run of the mill. I mean sure, I am busy as heck – but it’s pretty mundane stuff that no one really wants to hear about 🙂

However, today was different so I’m linking up to marvelous Monday, because today was truly marvelous.

First marvelous thing of the day – vitamin chewies. They’re handly vitamins because they only have about 30-40 % of your RDA, but they’re marvelous all the same!


And extra marvelous is the fact that I GOT MAIL. My sweetest ever sent me a package full of goodies which resulted in me spending the next 30 minutes doing a happy dance and smiling the rest of the day.


Marvelous was this chocolate truffle I broke into less then 30 minuts later (I never said patience was a strong suite of mine )


Marvelous is chocolate in general, especially of the darker, more expensive variety, and it makes for THE BEST class fuel


Marverlous is the ability to sit here blogging, instead of frantically studying or working on assigments – it’s almost Easter and I’m going to be sure to be on the lookout for some marvelous recipies 😉

Have a marvelous week everyone!


What’s making your day marverlous?



    • Thank you for the compliment. Feeling better and better these days as well :).

      And the chocolate – well lest just say after 2-3 days these is more then half gone :P. As I said will power – not my strongest point.

  1. I’m glad you had such a marvelous day, you definitely deserve it! I love getting packages, just today I received the comfiest pair of sweat pants (which I’ve already got on!) and it made me smile 🙂 You look lovely in that photo, you can just tell how much better you already are!

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