Never did I ever

  • Never did I ever think I would see my weight gradually rising – when at a healthy weight and be 100% ok with it (ok so maybe 99%, but it’s still good :))
  • Never did I ever think I would be able to buy a chocolate bar and snack on it- just because I wanted to
  • Never did I ever think I would end up looking forward to eating delicious meaty dishes
  • Never did I ever think I would be so upset over someone throwing away my coconut oil (FAT!!!) cuz “hey, I was planning to eat ALL of that”

You will be missed  😦

  • Never did I ever think I would exercise less then 3 times a week and be ok with it
  • Never did I ever think I would end up snacking on two tablespoons of raw honey straight out of the jar (the sugar!!! the horror :P)Zdjęcie0034 Zdjęcie0033Yes, I did in fact take this picture at work, and if anyone saw me I’m sure they think I’m a total whack job 😛
  • Never did I ever think I would randomly take a picture of myself in honor of my new and improved body with no makeup/primping done and put it on the internet Zdjęcie0031(Still tough for me not to pick my body apart in this picture, but I think it’s awesome I have hips again:D)
  •  Never did I ever think I’d be this free of an ED
  • Never did I ever think I would end up blogging for two whole years – but here I am.                                                                          Happy 2 year blogversary to “A new start“.


Truth be told I wasn’t even planing on writing this post, till I saw a reminder from wordpress congratulating me on my 2nd blog anaversary and I figured – I owe this blog a little something 😉

What is something you thought you’d never do?



  1. Biggest.grin.ever on my face after reading your post. SO happy for you, girlie! I never thought that I’d get to a point where I’m at peace with my body and over my addiction to exercise and dieting, but lo and behold, here I am 😀 Happy blogiversary, and here’s to many, many more happy years!

  2. YOU are amazing. ❤
    And beautiful.
    And my sweetest Polish girl-friend ❤
    I received your package today, my love, and your letter and bracelet brought buckets of tears to my eyes. 😛 But then the post card made me laugh. So I was sitting in the post office laughing with tears streaming down my face…I'm pretty sure the people thought I was psycho 😛
    (I can't wait to try the chocolate and the Polish sweet…I'm pretty positive I'm going to love both!)
    I'm praying that the package I sent is reaching you!! I'm super worried as it's been more than 6 weeks 😦

  3. This post is amazing! I am so very glad you took the time to reflect on all of the progress you have made in the past couple of years. You have come a long way and should be incredibly proud of yourself. You’re a fighter, and an inspiration to me and others who read your blog!

    P.S. You are STUNNING!!! 🙂

  4. First of all, happy blog birthday!! 🙂 I’m glad you blog because I love reading it!

    Secondly, I’m so pleased and proud of you, this post shows that you are just as strong, in fact stronger, than I’ve always believed you are. All of these things are fantastic and you look really great lovely!

  5. You’re Amazing.
    I know the feeling of …”I never would have thought I would…” etc that can come with progress toward recovery but I have sosososo many more to achieve — you are inspiring me today, as usual.

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