Life lately.

Running, to busy to stop, to think, to put things in order. I think I like it that way.

School has started in earnest. I work during the week, study in the evenings and attend classes on the weekends. And let me tell you all, commuting during winter is a BITCH, especially when you have to wait 30 minutes in the snow at 9:00 PM. Not cool.

On a more positive note I think I’m going to enjoy most of my classes this year. They’re not going to be easy, thats for sure, but at least they’re something I’m interested in. We already have assignments lining up, and I’ve only just had the indroductory classes.

This year we’re working a lot on planning diets, counting calories, balancing food groups etc. Its strange to work with something that used to control my whole life before. Actually, I’m becoming quite the strange person in general – I don’t know who I am anymore.

I am the former health freak who randomly buys a bounty bar during classes and eats all of it just for fun.

I am the former exercise addict that now feels good if she gets to the gym twice a week.

I am the former skinny girl who is now a normal weight and has bee that way for over a month now.

I am a former vegetarian who now eats meat (still having issues with this one),

I am a former food blogger who now can’t bother to find the time to take out her camera to snap pictures of her food.

I am a former anorexic that is now going to be a dietitian.

So much has changed, I really am going through an identity crisis at the moment (hence the lack of posts), And although I have mixed feeling about this all I think it’ll be for the better. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and have a good week everyone. See you hopefully sooner than later.



  1. What you are,you ask?

    You are a wonderful,loyal,kind and supportive friend.

    You are a beautiful person,inside and out.

    You are an inspiration for not only me,but so many other people out there as well.

    You are a strong young lady who finally is about to win a battle she’s been fighting for far too long already.

    You are someone who should be proud of herself.

    That’s who you are.

  2. 🙂 you are doing amazingly and honestly, you change so much at university. Embrace it, see where it takes you and good luck with everything you choose!

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