Acceptance comes before understanding (operation love your body pt. 3)

Recently I’ve been thinking……

What if I just stopped caring about having a “healthy” diet?

What if I let go of the idea of a perfect body?

What if I just lived life?

I’ve spent so much time recently looking into the “perfect diet” for me. The reason – well aside from the fact that I have food allergies yet unknown to man (grain and dairy intolerant anyone?) and a balloon decided to take up permanent residence in my stomach 24/7 (bloating like you can only imagine),  and some serious fatigue issues – I also now have reached my target weight which means…. I’ve become more food conscious  I want to keep gaining, but muscle not fat. I’m not super thrilled about this perpetual pooch that has developed around my stomach that seems grossly disproportionate to the rest of my body.

But I’m coming to realize that acceptance comes before understanding – that means that before I really let go of all my old eating habits and hang ups I need to realize I may never have a perfectly flat stomach, I might never  figure out a diet that works for me 100%, I might never really attain to my perfect fitness level, I might never have a body fat level lower than X %.  And in order to really live life I need to accept that and stop caring. Of course I want to do the best I can to be healthy, I want to find a diet that enables me to have as few stomach problems as possible. I want to feel good about my body, be fit and have high energy levels.  But it can’t become my life’s obsession, and I don’t want  it to be.

No friggen way I’m eating this endlessly again. The days of restricted eating are behind me and I’m not going back

So I will choose to accept, and love my body the way it is right now. Not love the idea of what it could be, not love the idea of what it was , love what it is right now, at this moment. And then stop thinking about it and move on with my life.

And just to regain some perspective – check out this article. Honestly after reading this I was like – what the heck am I complaining about.

Click here  for the link to this girl’s amazing story.




Now a very personal question  – honestly how much of your thoughts to your body/diet occupy your mind? For me, it’s about 30% of my thoughts, but I NEED to make that change ASAP.



  1. You are so inspirational!! Love your new attitude. It’s hard to put a number on how much of my mind is occupied by Ed stuff, but it’s more than I’d like but much less than it used to be so I’m happy about that.

  2. It’s so easy to get caught up in attaining the perfect body, perfect diet, perfect life, etc. It’s really a neverending battle and to be honest, we may never feel truly satisfied, even if we are able to reach “perfection.” We are constantly searching for something better. I love your attitude about appreciating your body for what it is right now. Being in the present, and being able to appreciate the present moment instead of always looking ahead is something that I am working on as well. You truly are an inspiration and have come so far. I have no doubt that you will one day be free of this and be able to truly LIVE your life.

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