WIAW – a strange change

So remember when I told you all I was going to try to experiment with my diet a bit to find out what worked – well the last few days I’ve been doing just that.

I was thinking of doing a day by day recap of what I’m eating/how I feel, but that just got too restrictive/obsessive for me. Yeah, and I had a few bad days that I didn’t feel like talking about. But I will say I am learning a lot about my body as a result, and so I think that’s a plus.

So to recap what’s going on now – I decided I was going to try to eat semi “paleo” style (like this woman here – who also has some weird stomach issues).  Yes for someone who’s been eating semi-vegetarian for the past few years this is a weird change. But not entirely an unfounded one. I’ve tried strictly vegetarian, almost vegan and grain based diets for a longe time – and to be honest, my body just isn’t having it anymore. I’m gluten intolerant, lactose sensitive and the last time I ate lentils – well let’s just say my stomach felt like it was digesting itself for the next 3 days. Grains make me feel horribly heavy and bloated, and while I always interpreted it as my body “healing”, that’s not really the case. The last few weeks have pushed me over the edge with constant stomach issues, skin break outs, sugar highs and lows and what have you. So I decided, why not try something new?

Carrot custard (cooked carrots, non dairy milk, coconut oil, egg and fllax - no sweeterner cuz the carrots were sweet enough)

Carrot custard (cooked carrots, non dairy milk, coconut oil, egg and flax – no sweeterner cuz the carrots were sweet enough)

Other random breakfasts/pre-workout food – omletts with apples, protein pancakes and cottage cheese with banana’s and nuts


So far my paleo-ish diet is a work in progress. Basically I’ve severely limited grains, dairy, and I’m trying to watch my sugar and coffee addiction as well. I eat loads more eggs, lots of fish, some chicken and nuts/nut butter galore. That and veggies and fruit of course. I’m still working on upping my fat intake (as recomended in the paleo diet ) but I’ve already noticed a few changes.

I eat less sugar – I crave less sugar (fact)

Fats = full

I need animal protein to be full without being so bloated/in pain I can’t move

Dairy in large amounts = a dairy binge (I’ve heard people that are allergic can experience very intense cravings for dairy, and it’s definitely like that for me. Once I start I have a very hard time stopping – which is kind of what triggered my last post 😦 )


snack time – salmon and egg mash with carrot sticks


Lunch pt, 1 – chicken, roasted veggies, peanuts

Also I’m switching up my cardio to weight training most of the time. I love the cardio- high that running gives me, but there’s something to be said for the burn you feel when you lift weights as well. Also my goal now isn’t to lose weight – it;s to gain muscle and curves which is hopefully something I will accomplish

So yeah, that’s me for now. I am planinng to keep this up forever? Probably not. Is it working for me now – it’s a work in progress. Am I open to change – definitely. But life is a fun adventure, and sometimes you’ve gotta try new things to know where it is/isn’t at.

As a side note I reached my target weight last week. Yeah you can congradulate me now Not sure how I feel about it yet (highest weight I’ve been in nearly 3 years)…. but I’m trying to look on the bright side

Do you experiment a lot with your diet, or have you basically found something that works for you?



  1. Hugs. My dearest Leelou, I am congratulating you anyways, even though you are uncertain about how you feel. I am so proud of you, words can not describe the feelings in my heart.
    Hehe. I love protein-based foods as well. For some reason, carbohydrates and sugars are not agreeing with me either, but when I eat more meat, tuna, (even eggs when I dare to let my stomach handle them), agree much better!
    In lab right now, which is why I can not comment too long, but I am letting you know that I love you, you are in my heart, I am so proud of you and you are an inspiration to me. ❤

  2. Even though you are unsure of how to feel about reaching your target weight, I want to congratulate you because that really is an accomplishment. It is a testament to your strength and courage in recovery, and you should be so proud of that.

    It is good to hear that you are finding what type of diet works for you. I know that with stomach issues especially, that can be a challenge. I have long suspected I am intolerant to grains,and/or dairy, but have never really experiemented with cutting them out of my diet. Hopefully, this new style of eating will help you feel healthier and happier!

  3. Well done for reaching target weight. I know you’ll feel conflicted about it but that reall is amazing and you should be so proud of the way you have gone about, staying strong through the tough days and re-learning your body. 🙂 You really should be so proud of yourself.

    I’ve fiddled around with diets but never really cut things out. Aside from being veggie for a long time. Nowadays, I eat most things. I can totally see, however, that when you have intolerances you have to find out what works for you. I hope that you find a good food regime and what makes you feel your best! 🙂 x

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