Operation love your body pt 2.

Ten things I’m loving about my “new body”

  1. I have/am getting curves. I’m looking more like a woman as opposed to a pre-teen boy.
  2. I have energy – I can walk, run, dance, clean, work and do the things I love without feeling faint, exhausted after less then 20 minutes.
  3. I can go into clothing shops and try on clothes and have them actually fit, and most of my old clothes are fitting better as well
  4. My hair, skin and nails are all much stronger, looking healthier.
  5. People no longer stare at me because I am so painfully thin, I’m getting less and less comments about my low weight.
  6. I can walk around in a t-shirt , or tight clothes without feeling self conciouse
  7. My eyes have that old familiar sparkle in them again.
  8. I can sit for over half an hour and feel comfortable, my bones don’t poke me.
  9. I have so many more possibilities now, both in my work and personal life, that I didn’t have before.
  10. I can look in the mirror, smile, and say “I love my body” and mean it 50% of the time 



This my friends  is a picture of a REAL woman. And she is beautiful – curves and all!

(This list wasn’t easy to write out. Recently I’m having really bad body image days – generally due to the constant bloating going on right now, and feeling kind of frustrated about it. But at times like this it helps me to remember what this is all for, why I want this. It gives me the little ooph I need to keep on going and moving in the right direction – even when it’s the last thing I want to do at times.)

What keeps you motivated to keep up your healthy habits ?



  1. I know this list was tough for you to write out, but I am so happy you did. As someone who is in the process of gaining weight , I am really looking forward to all of the perks of being in a healthier body, especially having more energy and confidence. It’s funny how our ED’s convinced us that we would feel beautiful being too thin, when in reality, we only felt worse about ourselves the thinner and sicker we got. You are such an inspiration, and you are beautiful!

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