My Christmas diet philosophy

Hi guys.

Whew , what a Saturday. We had our biochem final today, which ended up being a two in one deal. We had just finished writing one test when our professor pulled out an extra one – as a Christmas present :(. I studied hard, but I’m pretty sure I failed one if not both – but I’m refusing to worry about that now 🙂

On a completly unrelated note , I know I haven’t done a “foodie” post here in a while but that’s because I’ve been having a funny sort of relationship with it recently. I’ve been trying to figure out the cause of my stomach pains by eliminating different things, at some point saying “Screw it all” and eating tons of junk food, or just refusing to think about it all together. I’m at a point right now where I’m just sick and tired of it all,  I actually seem to have a kind of personal vendeta against food so I don’t put much thought into it. I don’t plate it nice, I eat and go on with my day. This less obsessive approach is working well for me so far, but it doesn’t result in very many food pics.

2012-11-26 18.39.58Peanut butter hummus with quark and apples/carrot

2012-11-29 12.42.01Rice cakes, cheese, eggs, refried beans, spinach

2012-12-06 07.11.43Quark, almonds, honey, yogurt, banana

2012-12-11 12.43.34Eggs, cheese, veggie bowl

2012-11-26 07.34.23Oat bran, almonds, cherry preserves

See – it’s really been nothing exiting round these parts

Currently, I’m finding that beans/grains seem to agrivate my stomach issues (that coupled with overdoeses of dairy). As a result day to day staples are : eggs, green smoothies, banana’s, apples and other fruit, peanut butter, nuts, vegetables (potatoes, greens and other) eggs, fish, and occasionally meat (although I still really can’t stand the taste, so this happens once in a blue moon). So as you can see, nothing too exiting to post on a day to day basis.

However the holiday’s are approaching, and honestly Christmas is in a large part about the food. Anyone who has ever had any food issues knows that Christmas can be a difficult time. And I’m no exception. Sure, I’ve made loads of progress during the last years – but this year I want it to be better then ever (more on why later). I’m so sick and tired of food issues ruining my Christmases, so I’ve decided to do something about it.

I love practically all things Christmas – but what I don’t love is the all the diet hype in the media during Christmas time. I honestly HATE all the “How not to gain weight over the holiday” or “10 foods you should avoid this holiday season”. Christmas comes once a year – and because of that I think it’s important to focus on enjoying the things that come with it – family and friends, old traditions, and some extra treats. And if you gain a little weight – so what?! If you don’t need it – you’ll lose it later on in the year, and if you need it (like me) then good for you. No need to freak out and obsess about eating the “right foods” and ruin your holidays (believe me, I’ve done this once too often and it’s NO fun).

So here’s my diet philosophy for this year – enjoy your food. Since I’ve been struggling a bit with binging recently the element of “balance” and “moderation”  are sometimes lost. Also my still unresolved stomach issues add a whole other level to the issue But I don’t want the fear of overeating to stop me from enjoying the holiday treats. So I’ve decided this year I’m going to focus on ENJOYING everything. No mindless eating, no binging, no restricting. I will eat what I want, when I want and really savor the process. Christmas only comes once a year – and  the food involved is not just something we eat, it’s  a way we  bond with those close to us, it’s tradition, its a whole set of fond memories that can last forever. And I’m not going to let some silly stomach issues or ED reminants steal that away from me.

Ok, it’s getting late and I gotta hit the sack – it’s a working day for me tomorrow and some pretty hectic days ahead (more on that later, so stay tuned ;))

What are your thoughts on the issues of the Holidays/food?



  1. I love you for posting this,Liz,and I couldn’t agree more!
    I’ve wasted so many years worrying only about the food-aspect of christmas I never enjoyed the holidays as much as I should have done actually. In the end,I always ended up frustrated because on the one hand,I wanted to eat all those tasty dishes and sweets,but on the other hand,I felt miserable about the (healthier) stuff I was eating anyways,so not a single cookie or candy found its way into my mouth.
    Sad,isn’t it?
    This year,anyhoo,I DO eat good food and I am amazed by the way it brightens my mood again and again. 🙂

  2. YES! Oh goodness I completely agree with your philosophy. We have to re-establish a healthy relationship with the holidays! They are about being with our loved ones, relaxing, enjoying ourselves, having fun. Food is there, yes. Food is prominent, yes. But food is not everything and obsessing over food is not going to be what we want to remember years from now. I have spent too many Christmas’ worrying about food, calories,weight gain, etc,, that this year I refuse to let ed control my holiday! We can do this. I believe in us completely.
    P.S. Isn’t it someone’s birthday coming up? 😛

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