More Christmas challenge

It’s amazing how time fly’s – it’s already the ninth and I’m three days behind 😛

Time for a quick catch up:

7. Most memorable Christmas.

That would be the one I spent in the Philippines. It was the strangest thing- coming from Europe to eat Christmas dinner on the porch with a bunch of fans blowing on you so you don’t die of heat, looking at the palm tree’s waving in the distance. But some of my other fondest Christmas memories of the holiday season include lots of charity work, performing in a dance troup, and realizing just how lucky I was. Oh and celebrating it with a bunch of my freinds had an extra plus.

8. Would you believe I don’t have any Christmas decorations in my house :0? In my defense I’m spending more time out then in these days – and it’s a bit more festive where I work…. so that’s my excuse

9. Favorite person to buy for – must be my sister or my mom. My mom is very practical, and since I always know what she “needs” it’s easy to buy it for her. The best thing is that she’s more happy getting something she really needed then she would getting a peice of expensive jewlery. She’s cool that way.

And my little sister – what can  I say – teen girls are just easy ;). Makeup, jewlery, books, stationary – the sky’s the limit.

Have you ever spent Christmas abroad? Was it memorable (in a good or bad way)?


One comment

  1. I think one time we went to one of the Balearics for Christmas but I think we may have flown on the 24th or something so most of the build up was in the UK. I was small too, maybe eight, so don’t quite remember. I do remember being in Tampa for NYE and that was fabulous! We actually used to go away quite a lot over the New Year when I was small. Christmas I like at home though these days.

    My brother is easiest for me too! Maybe it’s having been that age at some point that makes it easier or, maybe it’s just that they have wide open eyes and nothing is disappointing!

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