Christmas time!

Did I ever tell you I love Christmas!

Sorry I’ve been gone for the past week. I sat down with the intention of blogging, but the words just never materialized. I guess my brain was just too jam packed with different various internal diseases and their symptoms that I could think about anything else (thank you uni for that :P). That and my stomach issues are back with a vengence – which made things kinda difficult. I still have finals awaiting me on the 15th, but I’m determined to enjoy the holiday season regardless 🙂

And I love the idea of the Christmas challange that’s been floating around blog world, and I’m definitely taking part. I know I’m a bit late, but better late then never.

Alright – so first off – my favorite Chrismtas movie.

Love actually

Slighly sappy, but not overly romatic (like the Holiday) with a touch of lovely british humor. Plus, I’ve watched it every year for Christmas for the past few years – so it’s more tradition then anything else.

No. 2: My christmas wish list:

hot cocoa, christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas music, no pain, a fireplace, glow wine, happiness, no stress, passed finals and an enjoyables season

They’re simple little things – I just need to make them happen 😉

And onto No. 3

I never thought Santa was real (I was however – a firm believer in the tooth fairy). I was raised being told that Santa wasn’t real, that people dressed up like that for fun. I guess my parents wanted me to appreciate that the presents I received were from the people I love, and not some fictional man in a red suite. I did enjoy the mystery of the dressed  up santa’s (I will admite being slightly intimidated by them most of the time), but never thought he was the one in charge of putting the presents under the tree.

Alright, I’m off to put up some lights and put on michael buble Christmas music. Happy week everyone (only 22 day left to go!).

A quiestion for everyone – favorite Christmas album or song?I love Nat King Cole for the classicaly, homie feel, but I branch out a bit too 🙂



  1. Julie Andrews’ “My Favourite Things” ❤
    Thank you for the email, dear. I will try and reply soonish, but it is exam time, meaning stress and pressure.
    Am sorry to hear about your stomach pains resurfacing 😦 Do you think it is stress related?
    Hugs. Those simple things are the best!

  2. Sleigh Ride or Winter Wonderland. :3
    I think the fact that your parents told you about “Santa” is quite unique and I actually like the approach. I wonder if I would do the same with my children or if I’d like them to have the same experience I did growing up.

    Best of luck to you with exams!

  3. oh i just love your blog! and I like the lights and wreaths in house and store windows… my fav Christmas music would probably be “Christmas Time is Here” on the Charlie Brown Christmas album 🙂 love love. it makes me feel safe and holiday-y and happy. this holiday season i would like to see my big sister and also have hot chocolate with marshmallows(!) and not feel guilty afterwards…

  4. Argh. I love Christmas and that everyone in the blog world is getting so lovely and Christmassy!

    My favourite album is eithe Classical Christmas or Phil Spector! So different and both so great!

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