Healthy role models.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post. Each one of them made me smile and made me believe in my decision to keep fighting for health and happiness. I know it’s hard and there definitely are up and down days – but I believe that if I keep on keeping on and don’t give up I’ll get there.

Also thank you for not giving up on my blog 😛 I know there’s been a lot of negativity going on here recently – but I have a feeling all that is about to change. Heck – I’m determined to make it change. Yeasterday for my 30 minutes of “me time” I did yoga – and boy it felt amazing. Just taking those few moments to not think about work, food, weight, deadlines or anything else was a total lifesaver.

One thing that has been bothering me a bit recently is the fact that I’m noticing my weight gain. Yes I know I’m constantly harping on how much I want to gain weight – and I do.  But there’s a few points in weight restoration that I’m personally familiar with. There’s the stage where you can handly eat anything without pain/discomfort, you’re never hungry and you have to force yourself to eat. Then you slowly start to enjoy food, your appetite comes back – but you’re still not eating enough to gain. That’s kind of fun, because you allow yourself to eat all this “naughty” food in order to gain weight, and you still don’t gain. It’s frustrating  on the health front – but kind of fun, because you’re still in your comfort zone , because you’re not gaining weight.  What’s hard is when you finally start to put the weight on. At first it’s usually like “Yay, finally!” because you’ve been waiting on it a while. This feeling can last a while, and it’s great when it does. But at least for me I hit a point where I start seeing the weight gain – and then things get a little rocky. That’s when I feel like cutting back all the “junk” and eating super clean again. And of course, if you need to lose weight this might be ok, but if you’re trying to gain – not so much.

So this is where I’m at now. I have a little bit of cushion on my tummy. Of course my constant bloat doesn’t do much for my self esteem/body image either, but I definitely have a little more there. Unfortunately my arms, legs and basically the rest of me is still ultra skinny but I now have a bit of a tummy. And yes, I know that logically that’s the first place you gain because your body is trying to protect your vital organs. But it’s still hard to push through this initial stage and get to the place where it all evens out.

What helps though – is for me to find some healthy role models to motivate me. Real women, curvy women, beautiful women. None of these size zero, flat tummied barbie supermodels. Truth is in my heart of hearts I believe women should have curves – and that’s what makes them beautiful.

Here are some more famous women that are my healthy role models.

Jessica Biel. To me this woman is an awesome combination of strong and feminine:

Beyonce – that woman has CURVES!

Another woman I think has an awesome body – Shakira:

I admire women that are fit, but I think right now healthier role models for me are not just women that are muscles with minimal body fat. In my “natural state” I have curves and I need to get into the mentality that curves are sexy. Cuz they are!

Just found this and loved it.  Big butts rock!

Do you have any “healthy role models”? What are your tips for beating body image blues?



  1. “Photoshop and airbrushing” *drops the magazine, walks away.*
    I just repeat that and realize that most of the time when people pose for a magazine, they’ve most likely just worked out, and they’re probably flexing incredibly hard and contorting their bodies to make the muscles stand out (e.g. every men’s magazine with some guy with “ripped abs” on the cover). I used to look at those guys and get discouraged and then I realized I’m not getting paid to workout 3+ hours a day and be a model so I said “Meh, doesn’t apply to me!”

    I can’t say that I really have any role models for healthy like you do with the above pictures. I find it funny that I see absolutely nothing wrong, “fat” or “unhealthy” about those people, yet a good portion of our society strives to attack them at any chance they get.

    Just remember that you have only one body, the one that the good Lord gave you, and if you take care of it, that’s what matters. You have to love your body before anyone else can. 😀

  2. While I have said some things on here that you probably construed as rude (but it just happens to be my frustration and my way of getting a point across that starts with an exclamation point and ends with one), I think it’s actually GOOD that you’re looking at these healthy-looking women. I did the same thing when I was starting to gain weight! I started to think, hey, I want a boyfriend. I at least want to be attractive to guys and I want to like myself as well. I can be this “unique” stick thin person, but it hasn’t gotten me any happiness! And I started realizing that EVERYTHING in my life started clicking — better social life, I was happier and less stressed in general…. so good for you, really! Looking at these pictures is somewhat of an eye-opener and good to bring you back down to reality.

  3. I LOVE Jessica Biel! Good choice of role models. I’ve been through exactly the same stages that you described, especially when you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight but then once your jeans start fitting tighter it’s a reality check and it’s hard. Right now I’m at a stage where I’m happy with my body right now but if I were to gain about three pounds my clothes wouldn’t fit like I want them to and that might cause me some anxiety.

    I try not to think about my body too much. Don’t compare yourself to others. That’s the worst. I don’t even go to the gym anymore (I do yoga at home and run outside) because evaluating all the other women’s bodies just makes me feel bad. I used to be obsessed with working out my abs because I didn’t want to have any softness hiding them but since I’ve stopped going to the gym I think less about it. I don’t even have a floor-length mirror in my room.

    Another thing that helps me is making sure to choose clothes that make me feel good about my body and that I am comfortable wearing.

    I dated one guy who told me that my stomach was “too flat”. Ugh. People are always gonna say stupid things..but honestly I’ve never had so much attention from guys since I’ve reached a normal weight. So that’s positive reinforcement for me. 😉 And I’m pretty sure it’s not just about appearance..when you feel confident about your body, THAT is what’s attractive.

  4. Love Jessica Biel for her health and the fact that she just hates the paparazzi! I really try not to look at celebrities in a relatable way. They are like another species of people who have all the money in the world to spend on good food and a lot of time to spend in the gym. Most people don’t have either of that. So, yes they look good but, for better or for worse, they’re paid to look like that.

    If I learned one thing in recover, it was that your body is unique and so, so precious. I does incredible things day in day out and just focus on that. The rest will fall away and become less important, the better you feel and the stronger you get, I promise!

  5. I love the message of that last picture you posted,Liz!
    And I definitely know what you’re talking about. To be honest,I’ve never really realized and also FELT the weight gain until a few weeks ago,but now that I notice my body becomes “softer” and all – even if I’m still underweight – makes me feel kind of unsure i you know what I mean.
    Anyhoo,I am determined to NOT let this destroy my recovery process once again; I need to become “more” simply because I AM more! That is what I’m trying to tell me all the time. And you are,too,you know?
    Take care of yourself,precious. You matter. ❤

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