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Anyone still out there?

So sorry about going MIA for so long. It’s funny because I’ve been planning to write a post every night since monday – but between being sick (thanks cold autumn weather!), working till 9 PM at work and then coming home to study/prepare a presentation for next week and trying to get to bed before midnight I just haven’t had the mental power to sit down and write anything coherently. But I’m here now, so that counts for something right?

Loving classes right now. Although I only study on the weekend, all my subjects look like they’re going to be something I enjoy (except for biochem, but let’s just try not to get into that too much). It’s really crazy studying part time, because it’s 5 AM to 9 PM – but at the same time I feel it’s really worth it and that this year I’m actually learning something useful as opposed to stuffing my head with information just for the sake of it –  you know what I’m saying.

Less positive news – major IBS flare ups. Probably since it’s very stress related it has to do with school starting up again, having an irratic eating schedule, things picking up at work etc. Seriously, I think I haven’t eaten a warm home cooked meal this week, because of all the craziness. There’s also been a few days the flare ups have been so bad, that I had a hard time eating or drinking anything.

I decided to go on the FODMAPS diet to see if the symptoms go away – at least somewhat. I have a hard time with diets that are so restrictive -since I don’t have time or ingredients to do a lot of fancy prep-work for my meals, and eating PB and rice cakes and eggs gets a little old after a while (not that that’s all I eat – but you get the picture, no?).  So I tried to more or less stick to it for a few days, and the symptoms lessened somewhat. What has made a big difference so far has been me cutting bread and wheat out of my diet and eating more or less gluten free – maybe there’s some intolerance there?

Still, not sure I want to commit to this diet 100%. For one, it’s very rigoristic and there are things on there I know I can tolerate in smaller amounts, and things that I’m learning bother me or trigger symptoms. Also just because of where I’m coming from I have to be very cautious about elimination diets and make sure I’m getting the right balance of nutrients and food groups and calorie neecds for my body.

I had a meeting with an RD today, and it was a bit of an eye opener for me. She told me a lot of things I already knew, but also highlighted some things I know about but I’m not so good about putting into practice (eating at set times, eating at least one home cooked meal a day, getting the right balance of certain food groups etc.). She wants to give me a weekly meal plan and see if that does anything to improve my issues. To be honest, I think it’s going to be hard to stick to a set plan, because I’m used to doing my own thing for so long – but I guess we’ll just see how it goes.  At this point I’m open to trying almost anything if it’ll get my body working how it should.

Ok, so that all from me for now, will leave you with some pics of the goodies I’ve been eating recently:

Not much varitety on the breakfast front – still lovin on quick cooking oat bran and cereal for really crazy mornings.

Been experimenting with some gluten free options in my meals :

Corn flour flat bread with eggs/cheese, beans and veggies (taken “to go”). Yeah, and the match was there because I didn’t have any toothpicks to hold my wrap together – hey you gotta do what you gotta do 😛

Millet, zucchini and chickpea salad

Snack plates – cooked zucchini, rice cake, cheese, chickpeas

And of course, there’s always at least some dessert in there somewhere:

Had some cheesecake yeasterday, my stomach hated me for it, but my taste buds loved me, so I guess it was 50/50

My sister bought me a mega pack of oatmeal cookies recently, so I’ve been working through those as well. I personally prefer them homemade, but with coffee these are pretty good.

Quick quiestion – have you ever been on an elimination diet of any kind?  Any thoughts/words of advice on the matter?



  1. Hugs. I completely understand about the “having no time”. My days have been from 6 am till 8 pm and then more studying as well. ❤ I can't do elimination diets because I know that I will end up falling back into ed patterns of restriction and/or binge eating behaviour. Currently, my body has been craving carbohydrates so badly, but everytime I eat something with simple sugars, my stomach flares up and my head aches…so I'm trying to stick to more protein/healthy fats vs carbs.
    Hugs. Please don't let the stress get too out of hand, love. Working on recovery as well as school and work can be so draining. Remember that recovery and life is your main focus, even if everything else feels like it weighs more at this present time because there is nothing we can do without life and without health.
    ❤ love you.

  2. First off,beautiful girl,never apologize for being too busy to blog. I am actually really glad you seem to know your life has more priority than your blog,seriously! I could never enjoy your posts as much as I do if I knew you forced yourself to writing them and possibly even put yourself under major stress to do so. Also,as much as I love your blog,I love YOU more – always remember that and take care of yourself,alright? 🙂
    So,apart from that,I’ve made similar experiences concerning that gluten-thingie… If I eat a lot of wheat/ gluten-heavy foods,I get awful stomach pain and digestive issues. Gladly,I love rice and corn cakes a lot anyways,so I don’t miss bread that bad… On top of that,I don’t cut it out completely,I only try to avoid eating much of it.
    However,I hope you’ll find a good routine for you very soon. I’m trying to do the same at the moment because I know how important it is in order to feel stronger and healthier as well as to fuel my body properly.
    Thinking of you always! ❤

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