Breath in, breath out

Did I ever tell you guys I was a major drama queen?

No kidding, I stress over everything –  my schedule, my day, my work, my food. I think part of it might stem from me being a perfectionist and wanting to get erveything done just right and not leave anything undone.

Not that this is a bad thing in itself, but the truth is stressing so much about everything takes away a lot of your time. Not only that, but it rarely helps to better the situation and it sure does make you a whole lot more misserable and uptight.

Starting my weekend study program this weekend and I am officially freaking out. I’m applying for a grant to help cover payments – and trying to complete and file all the paper work has my stomach in knots. Not only that, but this year there was a mix up with one of my required classes which, if unresolved , might lead me to fail the semester regardless of my grades.

I love studying – running to and from classes, learning about things I am passionate about. What I don’t love – all the stress that comes with it. Quite frankly constantly freaking out about every little thing is sucking all the joy out of my life :(.

So what am I going to do all about this? I’m going to try to stop being such a control freak and start learning to focus on living and ENJOYING the moment more and not worrying what tomorrow will bring.

One thing that sometimes helps is when I think to myself – what is the worst thing that can happen? This helps me put things in perspective and realize that even if I do mess something up, it’s not the end of the world.

This quote is waay too true.Worrying is such a waste of time.


And this is another good one.


Sometimes the best things are totally unplanned – like my thrown together dinner today.


What you do when you come home starving and have no time to overthink dinner – olive oil sauteed potatoes, zucchini and red beans – topped with ketchup and a blob of mustard. The result – one word. Scrummilicious!

Guess spur of the moment isn’t always so bad after all 😉


Do you tend to worry a lot? Any tips on how to stop?



  1. I also tend to worry a lot but I am getting better about it. I did a meditation course last February run by the worldwide Art of Living organization and it helped me immensely, both in learning stress-management techniques and learning to live more presently and fully. I liked it so much that I recently helped organize another of the same course for the students at my university.
    One thing that helps me is to remember that feelings and thoughts are always changing. This is important because it gives you freedom to recognize and accept them and let them flow through, knowing that you have felt less stressed before and you are capable of feeling that way again. When you notice a worried thought, just observe it and say to yourself “silly me, here I am worrying again”. 😛 Then move on. Your thoughts do not control you. Also try to be conscious of what you are taking responsibility for. Are you doing something because you are committed to it or because you feel obligated to do it? You will always feel stressed if you keep taking on obligations that you don’t care for. It weighs you down.
    But breathing really, really helps. You could try taking five minutes every morning, before you do anything, to sit still, close you eyes, and just notice your breath. When thoughts come, notice them and then return to your breath.
    Hope that helps!

  2. I am definitely a worrier, and always have been. My Nana is the exact same way, so I say I get it from her! I often joke that if I put all of the energy I spend worrying into something else, I could’ve found the cure for the common cold by now!

    But really, you are so right; worrying solves nothing. I am starting to realize that, and sometimes just keeping that fact in mind helps me ease up a little. What also helps is positive self-talk. When I am stressing over an exam or something, I just tell myself that I have done all that I can by studying, and as long as I do the best that I can, it will turn out all right. I think that as perfectionists, we tend not to give ourselves all of the credit that we deserve.

    Best of luck with your weekend study program!

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