Falling out of habits.

So today I’m going to go kind of against the WIAW theme of the week.

The theme is falling into good habits – and if you know anything about me you know I love everything about habits, routines and schedules. Heck the more organized and planned my day is – the better. If you were to call me a control freak, you’d be more then 100% right.

But here’s the thing about habits – there’s a very fine line between good habits and bad/obsessive habits. The same action or routine that may be a good habit for one person, might actually be a bad habit for someone else. Just like everything else in life – self betterment and having the perfect eating and fitness habits needs to be kept in balance.

First off – there is no “perfect diet” – so quit trying to find one. What I think the perfect diet is for me – eating foods that make me feel good physically (healthy full of energy) while also being enjoyable. I’m pretty much giving up on trying to balance all the food groups all the time and make sure I get enough fruit and veggies/whole grains etc. I just want to eat, enjoy and move on 🙂

After all who’s to say you can’t have snack plates for lunch?

Or that you HAVE to have grains at every meal (and God forbid you should have chickpeas more than once a day)

Or that you can’t eat oats almost every day?



Or that you can’t drink hot chocolate in the middle of the day as a pick me up?

Or after a full day of food you can’t have some apple cake and soy milk just cuz you want to.

Who’s to say that you can’t enjoy white rolls if you want to?

Or white rice for that matter?


Or that you can’t eat chocolate every day?

And that you have to have veggies at every meal

And that you NEED peanut butter in your oats

                              ……… cuz in the end it’s all food that just gets eaten and digested anyway

Sick and tired of always following the rules. Sick and tired of planning meals that never work out or feeling like I HAVE to eat this or that. There’s more to life than what you munch on

Some habits I’ve made are good and without them things get a little hay wire. But right now I’m in the process of really experimenting and falling out of some old “healthy” habits in order to make room for new ones.

I’m so over comparing to everyone else’s version of “healthy” and trying to be the same. I’m so over wondering if I’m getting the perfect amount of calories/food groups/ if I’m eating too little or too much. I’m so over overplanning, overthinking and just not focusing on what counts.

Falling out of habits is scary. It means that you have some good days and some bad days. It means that you realize what guidelines keep you safe, and which ones keep you bound. And you only find that out through trial and error. But letting go and is the scariest, but the most libirating experience of all.


I’m letting go.


What’s a food rule that you broke recently and thoroughly enjoyed?



  1. New reader here. Way to go on reflecting upon your thoughts and feelings, Ed can be so powerful and we really do have to make the choice to let go! We can’t wait to want to recover. We must disobey Ed and choose to live life!

  2. love love love this post! we all get so obsessed with being the “healthiest” comparing our diets and eating habits to others, why can’t we just eat what we like, eat when we’re hungry and eat till we’re full. why can’t we just eat. who cares what everyone else eats or what the newest diet fad or health trend is. listen to YOUR body.

    i think this all the time and you wrote it wonderfully.

  3. LOVE!

    this post is inspiring me to really take a look at what I do habitually — I need to think more closely AND then move on and break as many of those bad boys as possible.
    Even if just once. It’s important and you make me realize this. Thank you!

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