A reason to be proud

Some times we’re just too hard on ourselves.

In our striving for the “perfect diet”, the perfect fitness regime and healthy lifestyle we often times become so goal oriented we lose track of what we are already accomplishing. We try so hard to do better that we forget to look back at what we’ve already done and feel good about it.

So this week has been a tough one stomach issue wise. Transitioning back into “normal” life after vacation mode hasn’t been always easy. I’ve made my share of mistakes, but there are some accomplishments I want to celebrate:

– Taking time for proper breakfasts. This is something crutial to me getting the right start on the day, but it’s something that I was neglecting more and more. But we’re back on track and I’m happy to say it’s been doing wonders for my energy levels throughout the day.

Now that fall is here- hot oats are back in style. With almonds, banana and cinnamon

But nothing beats overnight oats for prep-ahead convenience. From the top – soupier overnight oats made with butter milk topped with blackcurrant preserves and almonds and “un-overnight” oats made with kefir topped with banana’s almonds and more blackberry jam.

– Eating at least one cooked meal a day. Sometimes between work and busy home life I’ve been relying on fast food sandwhiches to get me though the day. But no more. I’ve been putting my foot down, saying no to people and other appointments in order to ensure I get at least one home-cooked meal.

–  Figuring out an afternoon snack that works for me. I’ve been having a fruit and PB rice cake for my afternoon snack, and this is actually agreeing with my stomach recently so thumbs up for that 😀

– Listening to my cravings. So recently I’ve been craving sugar – and I mean A LOT of sugar. This stage lasted about a week, and I just rolled with it. I had at least 2 real desserts every day, if not more. This week it’s pasta and although I don’t have much experience with cooking it (it was a major fear food for over 2 years), I am enjoying experimenting with it.

With brocolli, carrots, peanuts, red beans and corn

Zucchini, chopped tomatoes, corn, white beans and whole wheat pasta.

– Eating a night snack every night. Before I was still very wary of eating after dinner – I would either just drink and ensure or a glass of soya milk or something. Thankfully durng my vacation my night snack loving friends convinced me that it was a normal thing that people do and I wasn’t an “overeater” for wanting a little something late in the evening.

Favorites of late :

– Eating more beans/legumes. When times get busy my protein sources get VERY limited – generally to eggs and dairy which doesn’t do my stomach any good. So this week I’ve been buying canned beans and pre-cooking bigger batches of beans so that I can encorporate it in my meals throughout the week.

I love me some chickpeas! Had a little portion control slip up with this dish – I ate almost the entire thing for dinner.(but no worries, it’s a fairly small pan 😉 )

And on a more personsonal side. I’m one week into my TV  series “fast” and I’m realizing just how addicted I am to them. I watch TV series when I want to zone out and not think – usually if I’m tired, depressed, in pain or just feeling like I need some mind numbing. Not that this is wrong in itself, but I don’t think it should be the ONLY way you  can relax. Since quitting I’ve been more up to date with my emails, I’ve been enjoy reading again (a forgotten joy) and I’m realizing just how much more time I have for more productive things. I’ve also been going to bed earlier – which I’m sure isn’t a bad thing either.

This week I’m going to make just one healthy lifestyle related goal, and that is to eat slower. I’ve realized that the very process of eating alone causes me some anxiety (??) so I tend to try to get it over with as quickly as possible. In the mornings I tend to take my time, because I read blogs and do other things while I eat. But lunches and dinners if eaten alone tend to be 10 minute affairs – which isn’t the best for my digestion. So this weeks goal is to take at least 15 minutes eating 2 meals a day. It may not be much – but it’s a start.

Are you the type of person that is constantly pushing yourself forward, without taking time to appreciate all you’ve already accomplished?

Tell me, what’s one of your recent healthy living accomplishment that you’re proud of?



  1. You’re oats look delicious! I need to start having them again.
    & the chickpea pan dish looks like a normal portion size to me :/ It’s all healthy beans and veggies!
    I tend to normally ‘forget’ how far I’ve come in terms of my accomplishments, but it’s important to remember and be proud them!

  2. I am so proud of you Leelou! And proud that you are taking the time to acknowledge your own accomplishments 🙂 Mmmm. all of your foods of late look delicious. Good for you for enjoying your after dinner snacks and I agree with Laura, those portions look normal!
    Keep at it girl. You can do this ❤

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