What’s inspiring me.

I just realized I’m currently going through a funny stage in my life. Maybe it’s part of getting old or something (:P) but recently I’m thinking more and more of where my life is headed. Sure I have general goals such as – finishing studies, starting a private practice as an RD, raising eating disorder awarness in my country- but there are times I wonder if that’s enough. What am I doing right now, today – to change my part of the world? If i died tomorrow – what would my legacy be?

Here are some stories that have been inspiring me lately, and I hope they will do the same for you. They’ve made me quiestion where my life is headed and why I want to get there. And they made me realize that there’s is no excuse for not giving your all, your 100% to acheive your dreams.

And the movie based on this girls life – it’s amazing

And I’ll leave you all with a quote that’s echoing through my mind today : “If the possibilty of failure were eraised – what would you attempt to acheive?”

So that’s my quiestion to you all today: if you could do anything, be anywhere do anything – what would you do?

I would already have my degree in dietetics, would have my own personal clinic where I’d offer free treatment to patients with ED’s who couldn’t afford to pay for a cosult. I’d also have speaking arrangments across the country about ED awarness and would be involved in an organization or foundation (or even found one) that raises eating disorder awarness. Pretty crazy dreams, but I’ll get there some day.



  1. If I could do anything, I would…. (I don’t know if I could simultaneously do all of these)
    – become an alternative medicine doctor
    – have my own horse farm using natural training methods
    – open my own vegan restaurant
    – write a novel!
    – become a green architect
    – make and sell my own line of natural body care products

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