Thoughts, pics and other things

Thoughts, pics and other things.

So my 2 weeks of fun in the sun has drawn to a close.  In all honesty I can say that it was a God send – it was EXACTLY what I needed in this point of my life to change my perspective on things. The first week was spent just getting used to the idea of relaxing. I’m a workaholic by nature so I’m constantly looking for something to do. But after the first week I was able to slow down and fully take advantage of the peace, quiet and tranquility of the place. Not to say I sat on my butt and did nothing – I kept myself busy jarring, drying, cooking, cleaning, picking and processing. But I did all these thngs because I WANTED to do them. I also read a lot, talked a lot, watched some silly TV series and ate a lot , so I did my share of sedentary activities. And I don’t remember being so happy in a LONG time.

Potato harvesting time

So just for fun – let’s list some facts and numbers:

–          New foods I tried –  13 (pesto pasta, sun dried tomatoes, coconut squash curry, tandoori chicken, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, dessert creps with homemade plum preserves and sour cream, sesame milk, instant “baked” oatmeal, roasted squash, squash gnocchi, grass fed whole milk, palinka, and kale smoothie, bruschetta)

Pumpkin french toast with honey and sour cream

Instant baked pumpkin oatmeal

–          Number of meals that I included squash in – more than I can count . I’m pretty sure I had pumpkin/squash in some form almost every day, sometimes three times a day. So a conservative minimum would be maybe 20 😛

–          Number of fresh fruit eaten – around 30 (not that I was counting – there was just way too much goodness)

Plum tree’s by the side of the road and my favorite “anytime” snack

–          Number of things I learned/took part in making – 12 (herbal tincture, homemade herbal tooth paste and face wash, pumpkin pie, carrot cake, pesto, sun dried tomatoes in oil, squash gnocchi, oven roasted squash, homemade bullion,  plum preserves, tomato paste)

–          Number of TV series episodes watched – 17

–          Number of ice-cream Sundays eaten – 2

–          Slices of pumpkin pie eaten – 4

–          Number of books read – 2 so far (gonna do a third one on the trip back)

–          Number of amazing coffee’s had – 20 (2 a day – it’s been my guilty pleasure )

–          Number of times I obsessed about food groups/counted calories – almost none

BBQ night – wine, bread, pesto, sundried tomatoes, roasted squash and tandoori chicken . Loved every bite!

–           Number of times I stressed or felt pressured – none

This vacation also a great time to reevaluate my own life and where I was going with it . I read somewhere that a change of place + a change of pace= a change of perspective . And it’s so true. I discovered things I enjoyed doing (such as gardening) that  I never realized I enjoyed before. I tasted and tried new foods and discovered my love of clean eating again. For the longest time I was a “eat on the go” junkie – but I’m slowly re-learning how enjoyable it is to cook, sit down and ENJOY a meal. I don’t want to focus on food groups, calories and all that crap anymore – I just want to eat nutritious foods and ENJOY myself in the process. I want to listen to my body – weather that means a 10 PM night snack or eating 7 times a day.  And constantly thinking and obsessing about food is boring – I have much better things to do with my time.

The lovely house I was staying in.

So with this new month will come new goals. I want this vacation to mark a new start in the way I think and act and treat myself. Here are my goals:

–          Allow myself to ENJOY my food and let go of counting calories

–          Do something relaxing and “just for me” every day

–          Practice saying “no”. Sometimes pleasing everybody is not as important as taking good care of yourself.

–          With the start of school – not letting myself obsess about it. If I get a bad grade I get a bad grade – it’s really not the end of the world

–          Go for a short walk at least every second day

–          Be more open to trying new things.


For the first time in a long time I’m exited about life again. I’m not sure where this ride is going to take me, but I don’t care as long as I decide I’m gonna have a good time.



  1. Your getaway appears to have helped you out greatly – at the very least it let you relax a little! You deserve to do so too! It sounds like a great deal of fun and all of the neat things you had the opportunity to do looks amazing. Did your skin start to turn orange from the squash at all? I know that’s going to start for me as soon as squash hit in season here. 😛

    I feel the same way about school at the moment and I’m kind of finding it difficult to put as much effort forward into my studies as I used to. That said, I’m sure it’s probably for the better, seeing as now I’m going to give my best that doesn’t involve sacrificing my personal well being. I wish you the best of luck with holding true to your aspirations and I hope the experiences and euphoria stay with you during any down times you might have. 🙂

  2. Wow I adore this post and your blog, this post is full of positiveness, I love that… also am loving all the food pics, yes I like my food! 🙂 Anyway, can’t wait to read more of your amazing posts! Hope you have an awesome week! Auds 🙂

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