Doing things for me…

You know what?

I’m so over doing things for other people…

I’m over having the perfect diet so that other people can look to me as the example of health, I’m over trying to take pretty pictures of food when I’m just hungry and want to devour it all already. I’m over working myself half to death just because I’m afraid someone will think I’m lazy if I don’t. I’m over trying to be a perfect blogger and  figure out what catagory of blog “types” (i.e recipie, health food, exercise, recovery) my blog fits into. Heck I’m tired of trying to figure myself out and plan out my life so that when other people ask me, I have everything together and know exactly what I want.

Because you know what – there are some goodies in life (healthy or not) that aren’t worth giving up…

Ice -cream – regular, good ol’ fashioned ice-cream.  Not low calorie, banana soft-serve or frozen yogurt ice-cream but the real deal. I love it with a passion and refuse to stop.

Halva – it was a major fear food till just recently. I had the courage to taste it again and I’m SO GLAD I did. Yes it has sugar, loads of fat and lots of calories – and that’s what makes it amazing. (For those who don’t know it’s a dessert made out of sesame seeds and honey – amazing stuff).

Ugly food tastes just as good as prettily plated food. I don’t have the time or equipment to be a food photographer – I’ll leave that to the pro’s. I’m just gonna eat, drink and be merry – weather it looks good to the rest of the world or not.

An awesome banana, peach and soy milk smoothie that was more like a slushy cuz it was so thick. As usuall the picture doesn’t do it justice – but I wanted to eat it before it “melted”.


Some days I don’t want a fancy breakfast to “show on the blog” (oat bran with banana’s and frozen cherries)..


And some days I feel like extravegant (i.e everything I can find in the fridge) toppings (basic oatbran base with banan’s almonds, quark and black currant jam on top)

Oatmeal pancakes slathered in full fat yogurt topped with carmalized apples (see if you can spot the raw one I left on the cutting board :P)

And the classic combo of oatmeal, banana’s and PB.

And some days I just  eat, enjoy and don’t care if my food looks good or not, because heck – I’m the one eating it 😛

A blog can be as random as you want it to be… I’m not a healthy living blogger, or an exercise blogger, or a recipie blogger, or even a recovery blogger. I ramble, I show random pictures and talk about completely unrealted things sometimes. But that’s ok, because I’m a pretty random person anyhow.

And I don’t mind not knowing EXACTLY what I’m doing right now. Life is an adventure and I’m going to try just to live in the moment and enjoy myself along the way.

You know what else I’m doing for myself – I’m going on vacation! After all summer of working/helping out my parents I’m doing something that I want to do. I’m going to visit some very dear friends of mine that I haven’t seen in almost 2 years. I’m super psyched (inspite of the fact I will have to be up at 4:55 tomorrow morning and will be traveling 16 hours by bus one day and then 3 hours the next).

I’m realizing that if I live my life by other people’s expectation – I’m never going to be happy. I need to find out what I want to do, and then just do it. You can’t please everyone, and I am so over even trying.

(I will try to blog a bit while I’m on vacation – but I’m not making it a prioritie. Real life> blog world any day. So if I dissapear for a bit – no worries cuz I’ll be back to haunt you all).

Alright, I’m off to finish off packing. Have yourselves a great week!

Are you easily swayed by other’s expectaions of you?

Do you always try to please other people, or do you just stick to who you are and own it?

Favorite type of jam? I personally LOVE blackcurrant jam – especially on top of some quark or cottage cheese – delicious!



  1. Great,great,great post,Leelu!
    I also tend to overdo myself for the pleasure of other people; I just want to be “needed” and “appreciated”,you know,and since I don’t think I am worthy the way I am,I try to make up for it by doing anything for anyone.
    It is such a vicious cycle and hard to stop,but realizing it is the first step and I truly wish you the very best. Take care of yourself,you ARE worth it! 🙂

  2. Oh Leelu,
    The leaps and bounds of progress you have made from months ago shows immensely through your words and thoughts. It beams my heart to hear you write these words. You deserve to be taken care of and to take care of yourself. No questions asked, no “no’s” or “but’s”, but just letting go and letting YOU be cared for is what you need. ❤
    Have a most relaxing vacation! Whereabouts are you headed?
    Love you. xoxo

  3. The more I come to think of it the more I realize most of the expectations are self-set and I end up finding out people don’t really feel as if I need to be doing a whole bunch of crazy things. Keep up this attitude, it rubs off on others. 😉

    I’m happy for you and I hope you can shrug off any feelings of obligation from others. I wish you safe travels and I look forward to hearing about all of the good times you had! ^_^

  4. Whoo! Never worry about anything that people think about you. It’s just not worth the time. All that matters is what you think of you. It is so great that you are not letting expectations from others get to you.

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