New week goals

I’m a  planner type of person. I like checklists, schedules, goals and to-do lists.  I have whole notebooks with little scribbled to-do’s all over them and I love it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to tackle my to-do list and bring it to completion.  So I’ve decided that instead of doing monthly goals I’m going to focus on small week by week things I can tackle so I don’t lose that sense of motivation and focus.

So last week I was determine to detox my body, drink less coffee, to eat cleaner and focus on myself more. Let’s see how I did:

Drink less coffee – the cups of coffee went from 6 to 2-3 max , so that definitely a goal I accomplished 😛

Eat clean: Hmmmm, this one was kind of a mixed bag. I tried a lot of new things, but a lot of the time I just try to focus on eating something (anything) that my stomach could handle. Some days it was ice-cream and lots of boiled eggs (not JUST that, but you get the picture). Other days it was millet, beans and whole grains.  So I think I did ok under the circumstances, although I would like to do better in the days to come.

New breakfast option/love : full fat yogurt, oats, almonds and frozen cherries. Perfect on a hot summer day.

Focus on myself more: Been practicing voicing my needs more and trying to be more strict with my meal times (sticking to a schedule as opposed to going with the flow and hoping to fit it in somewhere). Being sick and having to take it easy for a while definitely helped to get me on the right track, I just hope I can get keep it up

Detox – no, not so much. I have been drinking more then I should (like half a beer almost every night). Not that this is A LOT, and it numbs the physical pain short term (for some unexplainable reason), I end up feeling bloated and nasty the next day. And I’ve been enjoying more treats then necessary instead of focusing on making them something that has some nutritional value as well.

Although tasty, I have been ODing a bit on this lately – time to make some soft serve 😉

One thing I’m struggling with is keeping with a meal plan in any way, shape or form. I’m following an exchange system, but not very strictly. The result – there are days I OD on fruits and veggies and days I don’t eat enough. Also, I tend to panic when I’m very hungry but can’t figure out what to eat. Those are the days a under or overeat, or snack on junk food that makes me feel bleh later. Also, my stomach seems a lot more stable when I stick to a certain routine, as opposed to always changing it up. So anyhow, my goals for next week are:

Drink alcohol only 1-2 this week: yes some of those extra calories are sometime convenient in trying to reach my target goal, but they do not have the nutritional value of real food and shouldn’t be counted as such.

Stick to a simple diet : whole grains, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds, very limited dairy. Plan snacks and meals ahead of time to avoid panicked rush situations. 

Half eaten bean and millet bowl with (surprise) zucchini. Eggs on the side for extra protein.

Eat slower and savor my food: when I let myself get to hungry I tend to shovel food as fast as I can, and that just leads to indigestion and feelings of guilt. I need to learn that eating is just as much an enjoyable experience as much as a necessary one.

Cut back on sugary treats of focus on healthier ones – nuts and nut butter and fruit will provide me with the same energy as that ice-cream cone, without a sugar crash later. Not that I plan to totally give up on sweet treats, but I’m going to focus on making them a little more wholesome  if I’m planning on everday consumption such as : banana soft serve, dark chocolates, vegan no bake cookie dough balls etc.

Got this as a “thank you” from my Dad today. Although I only ate about 1/2 at a time I was in total sugar coma afterwards. But I love custard cream little tartlets, so once in a while it was totally worth it.

Alright people, gotta run. I’m off to watch “The Dark Night” with my brothers. First time I’ve been out to the cinema in a long time, so I’m exited about it 🙂

Have an awesome week!


Are you a planner or “go with the flow type person”?

How often do you think it’s acceptable to eat an indulgent dessert (every day, twice a day)?

I feel like for me personally every day is a bit much, and I’d much rather find healthier substitutes for my sweet tooth then be constantly craving sugar (the more I eat, the more I want), but I’m interested in your opinions.



  1. I am definitely a planner,although I think that I am a little bit TOO dependant on my plans actually… So this is not a positive thing for me. I’d really like to more spontaneous,if I only knew how…
    I can absolutely relate to your struggles concerning the exchange meal plan. I mean,I don’t know how yours looks like (where did you get it,actually?),but for me,hitting the carbohydrate exchanges was especially difficult in the beginning. Now,it has gotten better already,but I still have to improve my eating patterns to make sure I get in the noutrients I need.
    And I think it is perfectly alright to eat an “indulgent” dessert every day. All of the “normal” people I know do that,so why should I deprive myself if I feel like it?

  2. Are you just doing this randomly? It is good to have goals, but remember to let yourself have some slack. 🙂 They do sound like good goals, though.
    And I don’t think half a beer a night is bad at all! But that’s just me and you should do what makes YOU happy 🙂
    Your food pictures look so yummy.
    I am happy to be reading again!!
    xoxo Haley

  3. I eat an indulgent treat every day (often multiple times per day) and I *definitely* ate them multiple times a day when I was gaining! It’s not about cutting sugary treats for healthier treats, it’s adding those ‘healthier’ treats right alongside the sugary ones – you need more food in general! 🙂

  4. I’m definitely a planner. If I don’t write down a to-do list, I don’t seem to get as much done during the day as I would have wished. It helps keep me focused on the goal. 🙂 Great job on your goals, Gorgeous! 🙂 I too always feel that indulging everyday is a bit much. But it really depends on the indulge. Like a handful (key word — handful) of chocolate chips everyday never hurts. But I always feel the closer to healthy it is (for daily indulgences) is best. Splurge once in a while, but enjoy a healthy treat every day. 🙂

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