Thoughts from the week…

Can I hear a hip, hip hooray for the weekend….

Although I’m going to work in 3 hours, I’m sure glad it’s here 🙂

This week I’ve tried to be more mindful of my needs and treating myself well. Unfortuntaly I came down with a nasty stomach bug – so I was nauseous,  , weak and dizzy for most of the week. Still  it forced me to slow down and be honest about when I needed to rest – because I physically felt like I was going to pass out if I didn’t. Thakfully I’m over that now, and I guess it was a good way of getting me on the right track again.

What I’m finding to be a challenge for me right now is focusing on eating so much. I’m really a go-go-go person, so having to slow down and actually plan out, cook and eat meals can be a bit much for me.  Especially since because of my weirdo stomach problems I usually have to cook different food then what the rest of my family is eating – it seems like such a hassle sometimes. The odd thing is that I treat cooking for other people like a “job” something I have to do, whereas when it comes to me often I’m just tempted to grab a sandwich or a bowl of cereal and call it that. But then I worry if I’ve gotten enough calories, and on and on the cycle goes


Pancakes for the fam – always great, but imagine frying up this plate x3. Yup, we’re big eaters



A light rice and tuna salad supper – made in a pot because no bowls were big enough (and people were still hungry after all this food)

On top of that, since trying to stick to an exchange meal plan and counting calories to ensure I get enough I’m getting overly obsessive about food and getting just the right amount of fruit/grain/ protein/fat etc. And honestly, it’s mentally taxing. It feels like all I’m doing is planning my next meal or snack – and it’s really hard for me to get into a routine.

Part of the problem is that there’s a lot of tension at home, to the point I prefer to take extra shifts at work then stay at home.  But extra shift= extra work=less time to sit and eat proper meals.  All the tension also factors into the fact that I can’t develop a regular schedule, because the whole family is sort of tip toeing around another family member and their problems.  Although in a way it’s nice that me and my problems aren’t the only source of family discussions anymore, at the same time trying to take care of a parent (someone who’s supposed to be a strong support system for you) and yourself and pretend you have no problems ever can get pretty taxing – I’m not going to lie. As horrible as this sounds they are sort of hindering my recovery at this point , but I’m trying to be brave and just kind of brush it off and keep moving forward. Circumstances are never going to be ideal in your life – so you’ve often just gotta make the best with what you’ve got and not give up.

On an eating front I’m realizing that I need more structured and unvaried meals. Weird, and sounds a bit off kilter with what everyone else is saying and doing, but let me explain.Not sure if anyone ever has this, but I go into the kitchen at meal times and just kind of draw a blank as to what to eat – there’s just too many options to think about + trying to get the “right” amount of calories and food groups and I just freak out sometimes. Then I get so frustrated and just “eat something” – which often ends up being either too little, or too much or something that leaves me in pain for a long time. So I think what I’m going to try next week is just sticking to foods I’ve learned don’t aggravate my stomach and not trying to be so “creative” for a while, and sticking to simple fat/protein/carb staples and see how that works for me.

New favorite lunch combo – olive oil sauted zucchini with millet and chikpeas. Can be served warm or cold 😉

On the foodie front I’ve  been having a hard time fitting in my veggies – mainly because most of them bother my tummy quite a bit. But found the wonder veggie for me that doesn’t aggravate my stomach – zucchini. I mainly eat it cooked hot or cold, because that’s when it’s the best digested, but I have too other interesting experiments to share:

Vegan overnight chocolate zucchini oats (I swear you can’t taste it at all)

½ cup oats

¾ cup vanilla soya milk (or any other milk)

½ cup grated zucchini

1-2 Tbsp ground flax

1-2 tsp cocoa (depending on the brand)

Sweetener (if needed)

Stir all the ingredients together, stick in the fridge overnight. In the morning top with coconut (or anything else you fancy) and serve.

What I love about this is that it thickens the overnight oats to a nice doughy consistency (which I miss without the yogurt) and is also a great way to sneak veggies into a breakfast


Banana shake with a secret ingredient.

I don’t own a vita mix so whenever I add spinach to my smoothies I always end up tasting it. But amazingly I couldn’t taste the zucchini at all, so it’s a nice switch up from the typical “green smoothie” . The recipie still needs a bit of tweeking, but here’s what I used:

½ frozen banana

½ cup frozen grated zucchinin

1 cup soya milk

1 tbsp PB.


Blend and serve.

I’m looking forward to trying it with shredded coconut and chocolate and subbing in the banana for another fruit. The options are really quite varied so I’ll keep you posted.


Other foods I’m rediscovering a love for this week:

  • Soft serve ice-cream

  • Whole grains (millet in particular)

Tip : adding a tsp of olive oil or butter during the cooking takes it to a whole new level of flavour.

This is cool because I ate a lot of bread for while, because it was all I was craving. I was kind of freaking out over it for a bit, but then I decided not to overthink it and just go with my cravings. The cool thing is now I don’t feel like eating bread at all and all that sounds appealing are whole grains  and that sort of thing. Trust your body people, it knows what’s best!

And chickpeas

Side note  – vanilla ice-cream with warm chocolate sauce are a match made in heaven. I had some for dessert today for the first time in forever, and it was amazing. Try it 😉

Anyhow this post was kind of random and all over the place, so sorry bout that. If anyone else has any thoughts or things to add feel free to pitch in. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Favorite summer veggie?

How do you find time to fit in meals when things get hectic?




  1. My favourite summer veggie is cucumber! I even have some growing in my garden 🙂 I can went that “don’t try to be creative” around meal time route while I was settling into my new work routine. It was just too impossible to try to do grocery shopping, and cooking, and thinking about what to have when I didn’t get home until 7ish, and I am used to eating at 5:45! I think those chocolate zucchini oats look incredibly delicious! 🙂

  2. Proud of you for the progress,Leelu! 🙂 I also try to stick to an exchange plan,but at the sime time,I have to be careful to not become too obsessive about the whole thing though. Anyhow,for me,it works better than counting calories because when I did that,I never hit an appropriate amount actually and moreover,my diet was not at all balanced as I basically stuck to my “safe” foods (so,protein sources and fruit/ vegetables… barely any carbohydrates) and yeah… Not so good.
    I share your love for zucchini,by the way – so versatile and delicious! 🙂

  3. Haha I don’t know why I think zucchini in the oats is strange, since I have spinach in my smoothies every day! I definitely need to give it a try 🙂

    I’m excited for all your progress!!! It sounds like you’re doing better!

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