Confession WIAW

Confession no. 1: I made a really impulsive/expensive foodie buy the other day. I was manning a booth at a  festival, and one of the farmers were selling goat cheese.  Of course I tried all the many samples, but upon hearing I was lactose intolerant they pulled out the last container of goat cream cheese (which was NOT on display) and offered it to me.  And somehow the penny pinching side of me went out the window and I bought it.  And guess what – I don’t regret it. For one – it’s delicious, it doesn’t aggravate my stomach in any way, and it comes from a farm where they only have 10 goats (which all have names which I thought was cool ) of which only 5 are milked – it doesn’t get much more local or organic/humain then that. Although I’m not stuck on the whole “organic food” trip it felt good buying something like this 😛

Confession no. 2: I have eaten said goat cheese at least once a day since I bought it – for one I’m afraid of it going bad because it doesn’t have any chemical or other preservatives and it’s just too good to stop.


Lunch taken to work – pumpernickle sunflower seed bread with goat cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Confession no. 3: I ate way too many sour cherries for dinner tonight –yes they were delicious, but I somehow conveniently forgot that cherries are a natural laxative 😛

Supper taken to work : 2 rice crackers with goat cheese, these cherries x 3, 2 squares of almond  milk chocolate for dessert plus unpictured tomatoes and trail mix

Confession no. 4: Breakfast has been the only hot meal I’ve eaten this week (yeah, I know not ideal). I did however discover the perfect oat bran recipie

My perfect oat bran recipie :

3/4 -1 cup of soy milk (vanila or regular)

1/4 cup water

a dash of salt

1/2 cup oat bran

 Combine oat bran, milk, water and salt in a small pot. Cook on low untill the mixture starts thickening and boiling. Add in 1 tbsp flax and 1 tsp butter. Cook for about 2 more minutes or untill it reaches desired consistency (I usually like mine REALLY thick). Top with banana’s, almonds, nut butter or an egg if you’re feeling savory

Confession no 5. :I’ve been eating tomatoes for snack like fruit recently – somehow my sweet tooth has been replaced  with a craving for savory snacks recently. But a tomato with a sprickle of salt and a few handfuls of mixed nuts have been a perfect on the go snack recently. Especially since they’re in season, cheep and so delicious when bought fresh from the farmers market.

Confession no. 6: My favorite go-to sorces of protein have been boiled eggs. I’ve been eating them for breakfast/lunch or dinner, sometimes more then once a day. I will admit, I’m a little sick of them at this point.

Confession no. 7 :My fitness recently has been running after unruly children for 8 hours straight and then cleaning up after them for another 4. This all counts right 😉

Confession no. 8: I’m typing this up while drinking a honey flavored beer instead of showering, catching up on much needed ZZZZZ’s and/ or preparing for tomorrows activities with the kids. But hey, I’m enjoying myself – even if I will be exhausted tomorrow morning.

Happy WIAW!

Ever try goat cream cheese?

Is there any activity that you count towards your fitness routine outside the typical exercise?

Got any confessions to share?



  1. I’ve never tried goat cream cheese but sounds delish! I also eat a hard-boiled egg everyday. A perfect protein source! I’m not sick of them yet :).

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE goat cream cheese! And goat cheese in general… I rarely buy it because it’s so darn overpriced,but when I do… Gnaaah. Irresistible! 😉
    And I can understand your passion for tomatoes. My tomato-addiction hit me several years ago and I’m still not cured,haha 😀

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