What is making me happy and other thoughts

Late night snack/drinks – soya milk with 2 tsp of cocoa milk mixed in – tasted like a million bucks 🙂

It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten how much I love chocolate milk

Creamy oat bran made with soya milk and  real butter (no wonder I hated oat bran when I made it with just loads of water and a splash of soya milk – talk about bleh and boring)


The farmers market and all the fresh vegetables that are cheeply available.


The smell of freshly cut grass.


My part time job as a kids caretaker


Taking something other then sandwhiches to work:

(After eating nothing but sandwhiches for a week straight, cooked food never tasted so good, even if it was eaten and served in a leftover container. Sauted zucchini in olive oil – my favorite- brown rice and kidney beans)


Experimenting with pancakes:


(Ugly, but tasty. They had a little bit of everything in them so they’re not really recipie worthy .Should follow a recipie next time though :P. Topped with yogurt, cherries, yogurt, a bit of PB and leftover banana)

Having the sweetest siblings in the world who buy me chocolate at the end of a tiring day


And my life in general 🙂


On a completly unrelated note, since being more mindfull of what I eat, how I eat  and if I’m getting the energy I need I’m learning so much about my body. I’m finnaly out of my crazy “crave anything sweet” stage and I actually crave whole grains, fruit and vegetables at this point. It’s nice for me to know that even if I allow myself to eat ANYTHING I want, my body still know’s what’s best for me. Right now I’m also not really able to handle a whole bunch of fiber – so eating too many fruits/vegetables really whacks my stomach out. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise though, because right now it’s important for me to fuel my body with proteins, healthy fats and carbs – rather then fruit and veg. I can eat fruit in moderation, and some fruits don’t bother me at all (like bananas). Vegetables are a bit of a different story, and the only way I can really handle them is cooked. So right now a raw diet would so  NOT work for me 😛

I’m also finding it easier to eat simple foods, without a whole lot of fancy ingredients. As much as I love experimenting and trying new things, usually the more complex foods are what cause me pain and discomfort (yes this morning’s pancakes – I’m talking to you). So it’s back to the basics for me, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I’m slowly realizing what to eat for the various snacks and meals in order to hit all my exchanges and get enough calories. I’m still tracking them more or less, to make sure I get enough. . But so far this week there’s been only 2 when I haven’t hit my calorie target – and that makes me proud :).Hopefully I’ll be able to let go of it soon, and allow myself a little more freedom, but right now it’s just a means to an end.

Motivation is still 100% there, I’ve had quite a few rough patches so far, but I’m pushing through. Besides today’s Saturday, the sun is shining and I have an ice-cream snack planned. Happy weekend!


What (or who) is making you happy recently?

Got a hearty, pancake recipie to recomend?




  1. Love this! The smell of freshly cut grass is amazing, I love it during the summer 🙂
    Lately taking my dogs on walks with my family has been making me happy!

  2. I know I might be repeating myself,but I can only tell you again and again that you’re SO strong,girl! I admire your determination to recover SO much and I honestly love reading your blog because it’s so inspiring for me. Thank you for sharing your journey with us,really. 🙂

    • Hey. I don’t feel comfortable posting numbers on here (weight, calories or otherwise), but feel free to email me at im_high_on_music at yahoo dot com and I’ll be happy to answer any quiestions 🙂

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