Things worth trying

When in doubt, don’t freak out.

Weird title for a WIAW post….. but I’ll explain.

I’m on a really hectic schedule recently – I’d dare say even more so than during the school year. As much as I love having a regular schedule and knowing more or less what’s going on – it’s so NOT happening for me right now.  And so more often then not all my meal plans go out the window and I’m stuck with the grab and go option.

Although this situation isn’t ideal for me, as I prefer to eat my meals in a calm, peaceful atmosphere, and I enjoy actually being able to cook something before I dash into the house, ready to eat my arm off – I have been experminenting and trying new things, delicious things, bland things, not so delicious things.  But I am trying!

Things worth trying:

Overnight oats with cherries and almonds. There is something magical about waking up in the morning to a ready made meal – this was actually a weekend breakfast, so I could actually savor the experience without having to scarf it down in 10 minutes flat (which is more often then not the case these days)

Creamy, juicy and delicious

Another thing worth trying is a cherry banana smoothie when you don’t have time to chew anything: made with 1/2 cup frozen cherries, soya milk, yogurt, 1/2 a frozen banana and some ice. Homemade oatmeal bar and almonds on the side

 That being said, I would rather have this for a snack, because for breakfast I enjoy something that I can chew.

Homemade peanut butter. Cheeper then anything you can buy (and more natural as well) and the best thing is it’s 100% customizable to your personal taste preferences. I make mine with an immersion blender, so I can only make it in tiny quantities – still good though.

Oat bran – when previously making oat bran I tried adding too much water in an attempt to up the volume. What a mistake! This batch was perfectly thick, creamy and delicious – made with 1 cup soya milk and 1/3 cup water. Perrrrfect

Egg sandwhiches – I’ve been eating SO many eggs recently – mostly due to the fact that they are one of the few protein sources that don’t bother my stomach AT ALL. And when I need something quick and on-the-go what better way to eat them then in egg sandwhiches 🙂

Things not worth trying:

Oatmeal when you’re totally burned out on it.  I knew an oatmeal burn out was bound to happen sooner or later, especially since I’ve been eating it at least 5 times a week for the last 2 years.  As much as I tried to dress it up with PB (which I DON’T enjoy on oats – shocking I know), this wasn’t working for me. Sorry oatmeal, it’s not you, it’s me

Polenta on a boiling hot day….

Inspired by this photo, I set out to make polenta for lunch (in a desperate attempt to break out of the sandwhich routine I’ve been in for the past two weeks).

As opposed to looking like this:

It ended up looking like this:

And kitchen looking like this:

On the side I had some oversalted, scrambled eggs. So hot soupy watery polenta and scrambled eggs for lunch- in all honesty I should have tossed it , but I’m far to saving for that. (I guess that’s why you shouldn’t cook when you’re too hungry :P. For all polenta novices out there – a word of advice – DON’T add more water than you’re supposed to, it takes the cornmeal from a creamy thick texture to a waterly bleh. And do not skimp on the butter – it adds ALL the flavour, trust me on this one 😉 That being said I’m still not sure I’m ready to experiment with cornmeal any time soon :P)

Moral of the story: Don’t eat something because it’s healthy, because everyone else does it, because it’s what you should.Eat it because it’s what you crave, it’s what your body needs, it’s what makes you happy and feel good. And don’t be afraid to try new things, because you never know what you might discover something that’s just right for you. Not being able to stick to a regular eating schedule makes me want to freak out sometimes, but I’m trying to keep my cool and just go with the flow. And guess what – the more you do it, the easier it gets.

You ever tried making your own nut butter?

How do you handle hectic eating on a busy schedule?

Have you ever burned out on a “health food”?



  1. I’ve tried making my own nut butter a few times,but then my food processor died when I attempted to make sunflower seed butter… Ooops! 😛 I am reluctant to try it again since – sadly,because I can’t get sunflower seed butter here in Germany and I love it so much. 😦
    Anyhoo,I absolutely know what you mean by getting burned out on a health food! That’s happened to me numerous times before,for example with rice. I’ve been eating it every. single. day. for a while,and always with the same veggies and the same sauce… In the end,I couldn’t see it anymore and was grossed out by the thought of having to eat rice again,bleh. It has taken me three years to be able to actually enjoy it again – since yesterday 😛

  2. I LOVE making my own nut butters too! You’re so right about the price, you can really save a lot of moolah! I’ve only made pistachio butter and almond butter, but I really want to try to make walnut and cashew one day 😀

  3. I much prefer overnight oats to normal oatmeal, I don’t really know why. I think I just prefer cold breakfasts for some reason, plus I start to feel a bit sick when eating a bowl of hot oatmeal. Your smoothie looks delicious, I love the idea of cherries in a smoothie 🙂
    Also, I really must try making my own almond butter at some point!

    Hope you’re doing well lovely!!

  4. I can’t think of any health food that I’ve burned out on, but I’m sure there has to be one for me.

    As far as nut butters – all of them are homemade except for peanut butter because the coop no longer sells peanuts because people weren’t buying them fast enough. =\ I can still make almond and coconut butter though, so I guess that’s a good thing.

    And I almost feel “snooty” for saying this, but even when my schedule is hectic I make eating a priority and take time to at least eat slowly. All of my food takes me 20 minutes at minimum to eat and I would much rather set aside a bit of time for myself to eat than wolf something down and feel like it was a “waste of calories” (due to not taking the time to enjoy my food) and the fact that it’s going to give me a stomachache.

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