Just let go….

What does it mean to just let go??

Does it mean feeling lost?

Does it mean losing your identity?

Does it mean letting the unthinkable happen?

Does it mean discomfort, sadness and guilt?

Does it mean making the wrong choices, and regretting them later?


But it also means a freedom to do what you want?

It means not being bound by anything or anyone?

It means discovering who you really are, not who you (or everyone else) think you to be.

It means trying new things, experiencing life, living the moment.


So I’m letting go. It’s scary, it’s hard, and there are days I regret it. But I believe it’ll be worth it in the end.


(Sorry for the criptic post. Will explain more later. Just got to make it through this last week before exams are over)



  1. The best is yet to come, you will make mistakes, that is part of our humanity. And we will learn that others too make mistakes, and we need to let it all go, in God’s time, with His help, and through others who have walked this way before!

  2. Everyone gets scared and everyone makes mistakes but I promise it does get easier. I really hope that everything is going as well as it can, best of luck with all of your exams! I have complete faith in you and I know you can do it πŸ™‚ Good luck with everything and stay strong! ❀

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