Memory lane.

Sometimes the best way to chase away the blues is to take a trip down memory lane.

One of the most memorable experiences of my life was my trip to Southern France with some friends. It is definitely an experience I will never forget.

We traveled down in a motor home, so the trip itself took 3 days. We could have made it in 2, but we were in no hurry.  We had a minor breakdown along the way, but we made it part of our vacation by staying at a cute little hotel (which was famous with the locals for it’s amazing food), going blueberry picking and enjoying the sites of rural Germany.

After a good nights sleep and a bufet breakfast, we were ready for the next leg of the trip. This part involved traveling through the Swiss Alps – and yes, they are as beautiful as everyone says they are (unfortunatly I wasn’t the good blogger then that I am today, so I don’t have any photographic evidence – you’ll just have to take my word for that one).

By the time the evening rolled around we made it to Italy. We decided to spend the evening/night on the beach – swimming, grilling, and relaxing –  it was just what we needed after a long day of driving and being stuck in a moving vechicle

In the spirit of a true vacation we had a “glass” of Rose with dinner.

Other memorable Italian experiences included genuine gelato and lots of sleep 😛

In France we met up with some old time  friends.  We had dinner, and I had a french cheese salad (which had more cheese then salad) and escargo (snails) in a garlic butter sauce. Definitely the experience of a lifestime 😛

Other memorable experiences  included –  an evening in an apartment overlooking the Riviera with live music playing below.

French cheese and wine as an appertizer… and 11 PM pizza as dinner.

Funny story, my friends and I thought the crackers and cheese were “supper” so we ate our fill of that (I think we must have demolished 3 blocks of cheese). We were totally surprised by the pizza when it arrived at 11 PM. Apparently for the locals it’s not that rare of an occurance to eat dinner that late. Oh well, we live and learn.

The next few weeks included lots of time at the beach,

Multiple meals out:

Trying new foods:

Foi gras

Goat cheese and fig jam – the most amazing combo in the world


Gormet pizzas

Lots of Rose wines

Strong French espresso


Champagne on a 5 star yhat while watching a world wide fire-cracker competition

Fresh french baguettes and croissonts

An everday staple – hot baguettes from the local bakeries

And the occasional breakfast treat

Gorgouse countryside (at times I honestly felt like I stepped into a movie)

Countless wonderful memories.

And most importantly – a much healthier, happier me

Thinking back on times like these reminds me of how free and happy I used to be. I didn’t worry so much about what I was putting in my mouth, because I was much too busy living life. It also reminds me just how beautiful life can be. It’s an unending adventure full of exitment and new experiences. And I’m determined to get back to that place 🙂

Some days you need to have rough days so you can appreciate the good ones.

And sometimes all you need to remember is that the darkest hour is just before dawn – and cling to that thought like it was your only lifesaver.

La vita e Bella 🙂

What was the most memorable trip of your life?

Do you take trips down memory lane when you’re feeling down?



  1. Oh,I want to go to France,too,somewhen! I just love the language and your photos are so beautiful… Even if that’s probably mainl because of you 😉
    The most memorable trip of mine was the one to China! It was so fascinating and definitely a unique experience. I felt like I entered a whole new world,the culture is totally different from what I’ve known before!

  2. These pictures are amazing and you look so beautiful my friend! I like to look at favorite vacation pics when I feel down too 🙂
    Best trip I went on was to Australia in 2010, I want to go back so bad!!!!

  3. Beautiful one. ❤
    So much I want to say from this post-but I think your last sentence summed up all the emotions: we will reach that place again. When your eyes are shining and your smile is genuine and all the anxious worries are let out into the sea.
    Huge hugs ❤

  4. YES! Memories like these make you realize WHY it is so important to recover — not only because you looked great 😉 but because you were LIVING! All of those things could not be done or would be done in SUCH discomfort with your ED…. I often think about “the good ol’ days” before my ED too, and it helps to realize that I’m young and do not want to miss out on life or the people I love anymore… ❤

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