WIAW – something old, something new

Something old, something new….

(Sorry in advance, the pictures this week are less then stellar, but I haven’t had much time to do extensive photo shoots this week, so bare with me)

Something old…

On rainy days, oats make a comback – plain oats with bananas, almonds and blackcurrant jam.

Lazy sunday breakfast – French toast with seared bananas/ PB and blackcurrent preserves and full fat yogurt

Something new..

(Because my beloved oats, and pretty much all familiar foods were messing up my stomach recently)

A kefir parfiat – bananas, kefir, raw oats and almosts. Perfectly creamy and delicious

Cereal!!!! – with full fat yogurt, bananas, flax and peanuts  (gotta love the heathy fats)

Banana smoothie for snack – still on a fence about weather I like smoothies or not. They fill me up, but I still miss having something to chew if you know what I mean 😉

Something old:

Worst pic ever, yummiest lunch this week – 2 chickpea burgers with cheese and pickles on a wholemeal bun (I desperatly missed the tomatoes, but we had none in the house 😦 )

Something new:

 A comback of an old- childhood favorits – eggs, cheese, and ham on whole whole wheat sunflower seed bread with a side of hot tea ( I didn’t end up staying with the ham because I’m really not a fan, but  sometimes you gotta try something new)

But the bread – was fresh, warm and AMAZING

Although I’m not enjoying all my stomach issues right now, it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone and into trying new foods.  And some things you’ll never know until you try 🙂

Now I’ve gotta run, I have a full day of studying ahead of me, and I’ve spent far to long on this already 😛

What new foods have you tried recently?



  1. That is good you are trying out some new foods, they all look great! I don’t like smoothies unless they are thick and almost like a yoghurt. Otherwise it just feels like a drink and I don’t find it as satisfying 🙂 Plus, I don’t like it when my toppings sink to the bottom!

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