Losing food rules

Hi everyone.

It’s been a busy week – in between studying/working I hardly have room to catch my breath. I come home 9-10 PM every evening and all I can do is shower/sleep or motivate myself to read a few blogs, watch something short and it’s off to sleep for me.  But I’d rather that then sitting around, doing nothing all day 🙂

To be honest, operation weight gain is going a whole lot harder then I thoughts. The doctor gave me some meds to start taking, but they’re not really helping at all. As a matter of fact, the pain seems worse then ever now.  And it’s not just the dairy either. It seems that all the healthy foods that didn’t bother me in times past are bothering me now.  I get full after tiny amounts of food, and it’s really hard to keep pushing forward and doing what’s right for my body. But I’m really trying, although it’s already cost me a lot of pain and discomfort.

One of my favorite meals (that messed up my stomach big time 😦 ) Chili, baked poatoe and beets 2x

 This meal thankfully went down well – chickpea burger on a HUGE whole wheat bun (can’t tell from the pic) with a side of green beans

And the usual fast dinner staple – brown rice, eggs, green beans

 One of the things this process is teaching me though, is that sometimes you’ve just gotta listen to your body and eat what you feel like, even if it goes against what you would normally consider “healthy”. There really are no “good” and “bad” foods. Sure, some foods are more nutritious then others, but in the end they all do the same thing – provide your body with the energy it needs to function. So sometimes it’s actually healthier to eat something not so nutritious, rather then restricting because you don’t have anything “healthy ” around.

During the past few days I’ve eaten more chocolate, ice-cream, and other such treats then I have in  a long time. I try to balance it with nutritious foods of course, but when for some reason my body has really been craving these types of foods. And I know that right now it’s important for me to focus on just fueling and getting food in, rather then trying to maintain the perfect balance.

 Brownies – I actually snuck a veggie into these babies, so eating them as part on dinner wasn’t THAT bad 😛

Rhumbarb and apple crisp – today’s sucsesfull experiment

Loads of dark chocolate too of course


This process is teaching me that it’s ok to eat ice-cream as a snack, or “snack plates” for dinner, or chocolate for dessert most nights – because sometimes it’s what my body needs. When I give into these cravings as opposed to stifling them , I’m satisfied with just a little and perfectly content to go on eating normally. Whereas when I try to choose “mind over matter” and reason myself out of these little pleasures, I feel deprived, cranky and end up in a much worse state mentally then if I were to just allow myself to enjoy life.

One night after only managing to eat 1/2 my dinner because of extreme nausea I ended up filling up on an ice-cream sandwhich (I haven’t eaten that in years). It was the only thing I could think of eating without feeling horribly nauseaos – so I went for it. I won’t lie it felt “wrong” having ice-cream as part of dinner – but I felt better afterwards and the craving totally dissapeared. Still not sure what my body needed, but I sure enjoyed it – and that’s also an important thing,


Moral of the story – sometimes it pays to lose the foods rules – life is just too much fun. So go ahead, enjoy your ice-cream, dark chocolate, milkshake – or whatever ingulgence you choose. Lose the food rules and live life?

Do you have any food rules? How ofen do you allow yourself treats?



  1. Great post! It sure does pay to lose the silly food rules we create in our heads. I used to have a lot during my ED days, but many have disappeared over time and through the course of recovery. I think our bodies appreciate it when we just listen to cravings 🙂

  2. Hey, I totally can relate to your experiences with “good” and “bad” foods. For a long time , I had a loose set of rules but when I relapsed two years ago , they became stricter and un breakable in my mind. Even once i recovered from that relapse I continuedbto adhere to most of the rules. Mentally I thought I was doing the right thing by eliminating most foods , eating a lot of fruits veggies whole grains but Physically, my body started to rebel. I felt bloated and had GI issues, despite eating plenty of fiber. Now I don’t have any rules that I consciously follow but those issues have resolved. I don’t eat as healthy as I could or want to, but I also feel a lot better. That said, I by no means eat tons of processed foods and desserts everyday, but I don’t exclude them. Ice cream is my snack most nights and chocolate makes appearances everyday

  3. Beautiful meals. I wish I had the courage to do what you said about “and eat what you feel like, even if it goes against what you would normally consider “healthy”, though I have been eating a LOT more dark chocolate than usual 😛 hehe
    I love what you wrote about eating icecream for snack or snack for dinner or having dessert. Like I said in my last post, eating after dinner is definitely something I crave, but sometimes do not allow myself and I have to ask, “why”. You are right, though-I end up crankier when I don’t allow myself the extra cookie or chocolate!
    So proud of you for that ice cream sandwich. 🙂
    We can do this. ❤

  4. I completely agree with you and believe me,your body will be thankful for EVERYTHING you nourish him with – right now,it might be even better to give him an ice cream sandwich than tons of salad because it NEEDS the energy so bad!
    I am sorry for your stomach issues though,but you should really be careful with things like chili/ beans/ legumes; they always trigger bloatings and stuff although they’re obviously super delicious. 😦

  5. Oh gosh, dark chocolate is the BEST! I just had some and girl, I am totally ready to take on the rest of the day. 😉

    I’m so proud of you for this. I know it’s hard — believe me, I’ve had my fair share of food rules and they are still hard to overcome — but I know you can do it. It takes one day at a time, and I know it will be worth it in the end. 🙂

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