WIAW – what to eat in boiling heat.

Although it’s technically spring, it feels like summer where I am. With temperatures above the 30 C mark, I can definitely pretend it’s already summer. Although I’m definitely a tropics girl, the problem about high temperatures is that finding something to eat other then ice-cream becomes a challenge. But instead of eating cold cereal and milk for breakfast lunch and dinner (something I’ve seriously been tempted to do at times), here’s how I’m adapting to the hot weather.

When you can’t eat hot oats…

make them the night before and eat them cold (topped with peanuts, banana, yogurt and a blob of PB)

Or if that seems like to much work – just throw em’ in a bowl with some flax, soy milk and raisins – and you’re good to go

(my first go at vegan overnight oats – I missed the tang of the yogurt a bit, but otherwise the texture was just right )

When you can’t eat stand to think of eating hot meals….

(Hot beans and rice turned bean  and rice salad – just as nourishing and significantly more appetizing at 35 C )

eat the same things you plan on eating cold

Fried potatoes and sunny side up egg egg turned potatoe salad with pre-boiled egg (extra pickle on the side – not sure about you, but I always think pickles look weird in photos :P)

When you can’t stomach the thought of full, big meals –  eat lots of snacks

 My current (although unpictured) favorites of late

 If you don’t feel like eating at all – drink lots of nourishing liquids (I’ve been enjoying juices and soya milk over the past few days)


(Nothing tastes as  good as ice -cold liquids on a hot day)

Other things to keep in mind:

– boiling beans for several hours in a tiny kitchen with bad ventilation is not the best idea

–   if you keep a carton of juice in the fridge during a hot day it has a 99% higher likelyhood of dissapearing then if you don’t put it in the fridge

– during summer weather beer (if kept in the fridge) has a sudden strange appeal, even for people that aren’t normaly fans

– peanuts and raisins are a VERY addictive snack

– eating ice-cream is ALWAYS a good idea (especially black current ice-cream with real berries in it)

Does your diet change in the summer months?

What’s your favotire flavour of ice-cream?



  1. Yes! I love ice-cream. Massive love of mine! 😉 I really like mint choc’ chip (a childhood fav!) I like basically every flavour except rum and raisin!

    My eating habits definitely change with the weather. I never want oatmeal in hot form either! I also always fancy salads, yogurts, cereals etc. Anything cold! 😉

    Hope you are feeling better!

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