Ode to summer salads.

There are lots of reasons I love summer: the heat, the sunshine, the flowers…

But possibly what I’m most exited about summer is all the fresh produce that becomes available…

and so, I am now able to welcome summer salads back into my life

An ideal summer lunch – hummus, cheese and mango chuntney sandwhich and a chickpea salad 

The wonderful thing about salads is that it’s hard for them to get borning, as long as you’re not afraid to play around and try new things. Some times it’s good to stick to the tried and proven, and other times it pays to branch out and try something new.

 A “leftover salad” – tuna pasta salad topped with chickpeas and smoked fish. Possibly the weirdest combination I’ve ever tried – and possibly one of the tastiest.

Kind of like life, there’s a fine balance in doing what works and branching out and trying new things. Sure, there’s always an element of risk involved, but without it – where would the fun be?

Do you enjoy salads? What’s the weirdest combination you’ve ever tried?



  1. Salads are great, I have them every day! People usually say it’s weird to add cottage cheese but whatever floats your boat! These look yummy:)

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