10 reasons why home cooking (and eating) is better.

1.  You have a larger variety/ better ingredients to work with. The frigde is (usually) stocked and so is the spice cupboard. A stark contrast to the usual state of my dorm fridge.

2. There are always plentifull leftovers which make even more awesome meals.

Leftover fun -brown rice, chickpeas, spinach, hummus and nooch.  Simple, but amazing

3. Most meals can be eaten sitting down at a table as opposed to on the go, in between classes in crouded hallways or smuggled in the back of a lecture hall.

4. Cooking becomes much more fulfilling  at the end of the meal you hear the words “That was delicious. Can I have some more?”

5. Even old classics somehow take on a new spin.

Hummus/ egg and veggie san

6. You get to “convert” others to some of your favorites.

So ugly, yet so delicious. Overnight oats with kefir, banana, and strawberries. My family had a variation of this (they had theirs with milk) and loved it as well 🙂

7. You are re-united with your trusty kitchen appliences.

8. More freedom to experiment and try new things.

I finnaly tried oatbran (minus the oats). I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but I LOVED it. Topped with cottage cheese , salted peanuts and cereal ( wasn’t a fan of the cottage cheese though – don’t do it :P)

9. Healthy, balanced eating becomes less of a challange.

10. Food eaten surrounded by people you love always tastes 100 x better.

Do you prefer dorm or home cooking? What makes food at home taste better to you?



  1. I much prefer eating at home,although I barely cook because I prefer cold food… Except for sometimes,when I crave a soup 😛
    Anyhow,for me,eating is less stressful if I don’t need to hurry and everything. Plus (although I know that’s a typical ED problem),I always feel uncomfortable if there are lots of people around who seem to stare at me all the time… That makes me so nervous and I always worry I might look weird or anything!

  2. Two words: warm food. Most of the time I don’t reheat my food at work because I may not finish it all and I don’t want it to warm up the rest of my food throughout the day. I don’t usually eat warm food at home either… but at home there’s at least the option of doing so. I agree that having others around you does make it taste better – assuming those people actually stay home to eat with you in the first place. 😛

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