An Easter celebration recap

I know this is a bit late – but I was purposely staying away from the computer during the duration of Easter – so Happy Easter. I hope you had a great one.

Easter for me was an extra special occasion this year – for one it was my little sisters 14th birthday, and it was the first time it was just my famiy and me. Usually we have a bunch of relatives come over, and it’s a big, somewhat stressful and drawn out affair. But this year it was really simple and family oriented – which was nice for a change.

The celebrating started the night before when I organized a home “spa” treatment for my sister – complete with a manicure, facial treatment and some indulgent treats.

We’re sexy and we know it 😛

Unfortunatly the festivities carried on late into the night (we ended the evening with a movie), so I wasn’t exactly feeling awake a chirpy the next morning when I woke up to make brunch. But despite the sleepiness and need for multiple cups of coffee, being crammed in our tiny kitchen with my parents cooking and listening to Easter hymns was still one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in a while.

True to the Easter European tradition we had cold cuts, eggs, pickled salmon and potatoe salad for breakfast – along with my sister special (and very untraditional) request for the breakfast – spinach puff pasteries. I made this for New Years and she enjoyed them so much they had to make a reappearance on the breakfast table in honor of her birthday.

After breakfast the kids played some Easter themed games and did the traditional egg hunt, while the grown ups sipped coffee and cleaned up. Despite all the coffee, I was exhausted and proceeded to take a long and luxiorious nap (until the kids got home from their Easter hunt and the house got nice and noisy again).

My sister got a dance mat for her birthday present – and although I didn’t get any pictures or , trying to master the moves took up most of the afternoon. It was great fun to see everyone – from the youngest to the oldest trying their luck. I really never realized a large plastic mat and a PC could provide so much entertainement.

Since people had been snacking on the breakfast leftovers all morning we opted again a dinner in favor of more leftovers and my Dad’s famous cheesecake (the was thoughougly enjoyed by all – except for me because of my lactose intolerance – boo!)

PM activities included a glass of martini, a checkers game (which I lost of course) and another adult drink or two and some CSI New York episodes. A very relaxing ending to a very relaxing day.

The celebration only really ended this morning with my favorite spring breakfast (overnight oats with banana and strawberries).

What did you do for Easter?

Do you have a favorite spring breakfast?



  1. Wow what a fabulous Easter! I’m so glad you got to have fun with your family, such a blessing 🙂 And your dad’s cheesecake looks like it should be in a magazine, yummmmm!!!
    Have a beautiful week ahead my friend!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your sister! Your Easter looks and sounds most lovely, especially spending time with your family and enjoying each other’s company around good food and traditions 🙂
    Aww! You’re such a good big sister haha ❤ I'm sure she loved the birthday treats.
    Have a beautiful week lovely. xoxo

  3. Oh,your dad’s cheesecake looks AWESOME! I#d really like to have a slice,yum! 🙂
    Glad you’ve had a nice weekend,Leelu. I definitely declare you the best big sister on earth; your sister can be so happy to have you (and I bet she also is! 😉 )!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Mmmm… we had a similar salatka and your chleb looks a lot like the kind we had 😉 I agree that the cheesecake looks delicious, but it’s one of those things I still consider an EXTREMELY indulgent food, so I probably would not eat it… although I would love to! Other than that, I eat pretty much whatever is available or presented, especially at holidays… It’s hard trying to participate as much as everyone, but if you do it, you realize how worth it it truly is! 🙂 So my Easter went well…

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