A zumbarific reveiw

One of the downsides of not living in the US/ UK or Canada like most bloggers is that you don’t get to do awesome foodie reviews. I always read others blogs and lust after the cool products they get to sample – it just seems like too much fun. But today I get to do a review of a different kind, a fitness review.

Yesterday I attended my first ever Zumba class. Before going any further let me say my opinions are probably going to be a little bit bias seeing as  I love dancing and I have a particular weakness for latin music :P. But I still felt nervous going into my first class. There were A LOT of people there,  and although I did have a general idea of what to expect because I have a Zumba video, but I knew a class would be very different. To be honest I’ve never been into exercising in a “community” – most of my workout are done at home, on the open road or at a empty (or near empty) gym. So to suddenly be surrounded by a bunch of people plus an instructor telling me what to do was a bit unnerving.

But to be honest – I loved it. I loved the energy, the music, the way it made me feel. Once I got up dancing I forgot I was in a room full of people, I forgot I was exercising, I forgot I was tired and had been up since 5:30 AM (it was 7 pm by the time the class started) I just had fun. Seriously I spent 70% of the class with a smile on my face, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed exercise so much.

And I actually got tired! Even though it was just a beginners class, the adrenalin was definitely pumping and those muscles were working. So along with the fun there was definitely a very prominent fitness element in there as well.

What I loved most about Zumba though, was the atmosphere. I was in a room full of women of different sizes and shapes, but in that moment we were all equal. It didn’t matter if you had been to a few classes before or (like me) this was your first class – we were all having fun. During the class I looked around at the women around me and realized they were all sexy; regardless of their shape and size. Everyone was just letting loose and having a good time, and I think it really helped to boost the overall “feel” of the class. Everyone was accepted just as they were and they embraced their inner “latina diva” and shook their booty.

I also came to an important realization (which is kind of off topic but bear with me) that sexiness is an attitude, not a look. Some of these women (myself included) really weren’t anything spectacular, but being in an environment where they could let loose and embrace who they really were brought out the best in them. It made me realize that this is something I want a little bit more of it my day to day life, to just be confident in who I am and let that inner confidence shine through

Going back to the original topic : all in all, if you love dancing and having fun but still want to get a good work out it – Zumba is for you. I’m sure a lot depends on the instructor and how they lead the class, but if you’re looking for a place just to let loose and have fun you will definitely find that here. So if you have the opportunity- try it, you just might like it! I know I did!

Have you ever done Zumba?

Do you usually attend fitness classes, or do you prefer home work outs?  Personally I would definitely like to attend more classes, because doing a workout video from home and being in a class are two definitely incomparable experiences. The only real pro’s to workout videos is that you can do them



  1. Yay!! Glad that you had a wonderful time 🙂 It sounds like so much fun haha…dancing and just letting go of all self-doubt and self-awareness. It’s funny, too, because one would have the misconception that being in a group class like that, one would become more aware of their bodies and physical appearance. But that zumba class sounded as if everyone was just there to enjoy the dance! And THAT is definitely what exercise should be about 😀
    I’ve never been able to exercise in groups with other people. It’s always been at home videos or blasting my ipod at the gym so no one will talk to me haha 😛
    Have definitely always wanted to try zumba. Perhaps one day!
    Have a beautiful weekend my lovely.

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