Banish body bashing

I’m not sure id if Woman’s Day is celebrated all over the world (I don’t think so) – but we sure are celebrating it is this country. All day I’ve been seeing girls parading around with roses and yellow tulips. And although I didn’t get a flower, I got chocolate and a “free-pass” from a test today and that’s good enough for me.

So in honor of womans day, I wanted to do a post honoring women.
I’m not sure if it’s caused by society at large or the westernized culture we live in, but I feel like us women are expected to be extremely critical of ourselves. We are expected to groom and primp like there’s no tomorrow, and still never be satisfied with our results. We are expected to deny ourselves little pleasures in life (like my lab partner who turned down her woman’s day chocolate, because she is on a diet), force ourselves to extreme feats – all in the name of beauty.

But what is beauty really?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it’s a very cliché saying, but it rings so true. Have you ever met someone who would be considered “plain” or “normal” judging from a purely physical standpoint, but that had such an outstanding and loveable personality that it actually made them more attractive? I have a few friends like this, and when someone else made a crack about one of their flaws I felt offended – because their imperfections were totally drowned out by their wonderful personality, to the point that the only way to describe them would be beautiful. Unfortunately the sad thing is that even though we can appreciate and recognize these traits in others, rarely are we able to see them in ourselves. We do so much negative self-talk on a day to day basis, that it’s almost impossible for us to see ourselves as other’s see us.

I’m going to take a personal example here. While looking through some old pictures of myself I stumbled upon one that always seemed to make me cringe.
Although this may seem like an ordinary photo to you, the point in time that it was taken was critical. I remember being having VERY bad body image at this point, and I think it was taken just before my second ED relapse.
To be honest, the first things I did when I saw this picture was pick out the flaws. Wasn’t that hard to do, because I found myself subconsciously looking for them. It’s actually a reoccurring theme with me that instead of looking for the good in my outward appearance I looked for the flaws. Anyhow, here’s what I found.

But then I decided to take another view point and look for what someone else might find attractive about this picture. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy and took longer than I expected, further reinforcing the fact that this is something I should be doing more and more of in my life.Here’s picture nr 2.

So in honor of womans day, let’s make an effort to see ourselves as others see us, and look for the frills and not the flaws. Dare to look in the mirror and say “Hey there beautiful” – because that’s what you are! Dare to be confident in your traits and the things that make you unique. Dare to love yourself, because only then can others really love you.

Right here, right now I challenge you to name 5 things you like about yourself .
I’ll start:
I’m a good listener.
A have pretty eyes.
I have a nice smile.
I am a hard worker
I care about other and try to put their needs above my own.

Now your turn 🙂

Have a great day!!



  1. This is a great idea!
    I am a hard worker.
    I am reliable.
    I can write better than pretty much everyone in my high school.
    I have long legs.
    I like my hair.

  2. I love this post, I’m glad you did something themed for International Women’s Day 🙂 I did too!

    This is a really good look at body image and perception of others. I think it’s rare that people walk around noticing the bits we hate, they look at our face and just see the whole. Your two photos highlight the way sometimes, those of us who have eating issues can be quite susceptible to body dismorphia. Personally I think you look really lovely in the photo! The first too things I notice when looking at it are your pretty face and your gorgeous(!) legs 😉

    5 things I like about myself? I love my curly hair, I am caring and generous, I am determined, I always try to see the positives, I am open and honest. There you go, it took me a couple of minutes but I managed!

    Hope you’re doing okay lovely ❤

  3. This is amazing! I love everything you write, you are such an amazing writer (so you can add that to your list too!) Stay strong and take care!! ❤

  4. Leelu,you are such a beautiful young lady & I really love how you inspire me again and again with every single post you write. 🙂 Plus,thank you for letting me think about the positive sides of myself – this is something I rarely do because my negative thoughts are so strong most of the time…
    I am a great listener.
    I am reliable.
    I love helping others more than anything else in the world.
    I like my eyes.
    I can have fun without drinking alcohol! 😉

  5. This is such a great post. I absolutely love that you can take postives from everything. I really need to take a big leaf out of your book some days! 🙂

    I loved International Woman’s Day in Russia – so many flowers everywhere and it was so much more of a ‘day’ than in the UK. I barely knew it existed before!

    The five thing is actually hard which exemplifies exactely what you are saying – women are so hard on themselves!

    I’m honest
    I have curves and love them!
    I’m trustworthy
    I can speak three foriegn languages
    I will go out of my way to help a friend

    You keep rocking those legs because they are amazing and you should be darn proud of them! (And the rest of you too!) 🙂 xxx

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