A friendly reminder

Dear self.

I know you’re going to like to hear this even less than I like to say it. Non the less, it’s something that has to be said.

We’ve come through a lot together, we’ve had are ups and downs and as you well know it’s been more of a down than an up recently. But we’re getting through, and I’m proud of you.

However it seems you need a friendly reminder to fuel yourself properly. In short – eat. I know this is such a basic fact that you laugh a little to hear me say this, but please don’t brush it aside.

Food is brain fuel – you know this, yet you seem to be deliberatly “forgetting” to eat recently, pushing your meals later and later, settling for snacks and coffee instead of something truly nourishing. You can’t afford to do this! You have 3 big tests coming up next week, and you can’t expect to study and prepare properly if you’re constantly tired, fatigued or thinking about food, all a result of you lacking to fuel yourself properly.

No healthy rule says you should only eat every 3-4 hours and never before then. Eat when you’re hungry! Actually it’s generally recomended you eat every 2-3. It’s not wrong to eat more then 3 times a day – in fact it’s healthy! And there’s no guilt in buying food because you need it; restricting because you’re “saving food” is BS.

Don’t compare to those around you, because you are you. Your body is different from theirs, and has different needs. So own who you are, be proud of it, and take care of yourself – you won’t regret it.

Go out there and have a great day. You’re gonna rock it

With love, care and concern.


What’s something you would tell yourself today?



  1. I love this letter, it contains so many important messages. I hope you’re okay lovely, I wish you all the absolute best of luck with your tests! You deserve to do brilliantly 🙂 You are right to say that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, we are all different, this is something I need to remember more often! ❤

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