Weekend why’s

Why is it I always take a bunch of food from home – and it only seems to last a few days?

What I took from home - whole wheat bread, tuna, rice cakes, almonds, tuna, leftovers and soya milk (plus unpictured peanut butter :P)

Why is it that some leftovers taste so good I can eat them for 3 days straight and not get bored?

An AMAZING millet salad I took from home - kidney beans, millet, brocolli, carrots, corn and peas. I ate this for 3 days straight - no joke!

Why is that hot oatmeal no longer appeals to me?

Why is it that overnight oats photograph so terribly?

Overnight oats made with yogurt, soya milk, oatmeal, wheat bran, apples and topped with almonds

Why is it half my handbag heading off to classes is filled with food?

That would be a sandwhich, carrot sticks, almonds an apple and a bottle of water. Seems a little overkill, but when you have classes from 11 am to 8 Pm it's a necessity.

Why is it I always eat my carrot sticks before I sit down to eat?

Case in point.

Why is it I didn’t try the rice cracker PB and J combo sooner?

Try it - trust me on this one 😉

Why is it my camera battery dies when I finnaly have some good eats at home?

Why is it that my next week is so jammed packed I won’t have time to be posting much?

…….and why is it that the weekend passes so fast, and the rest of the week goes so slow?

(and why is it that I feel like a little girl, that doesn’t want to go back to school :P)


Got any weekend why’s?

Do you pack snacks/meals often? Or do you usually just buy food when you’re out? Being the poor college student that I am with irregular class schedule, I need to load up 😛

Any cheap, filling breakfast alternatives to oats? I need something to keep me going all morning long, but oats just aren’t cutting the stuff anymore.



  1. Hi I haven’t commented in a while!
    I always, always take tons of food with me to school – no exaggeration! Sometimes I’m there from 9am to 9pm, so I take lunch, dinner, and snacks.Honestly, I used to be embarressed about all my food, but now I realize that most people don’t even notice or care. lol. Yours is totally NOT overkill! 🙂
    Filling breakfasts…I love whole wheat bagels, half serving of cereal mixed with half serving of oats (adds texture!). One of my faves, that sounds a little strange, is a ton of nut butter, yogurt, and a banana all mixed up – mmm.

  2. Why does the weekend have to end?

    If I know for sure that I’m out over a meal time, I pack lunch and snacks. I think lunch out can be such a rip off sometimes! You can spend so much money without even realising if are out for more than a few lunches a week, say! Plus, you can have exactely what you fancy when you make it yourself!

    Mmm, I like french toast for breakfast. The extra protein from eggs really keeps you going I think! Also in the summer, cereal/yogurt messes can be really filling if you’ve got banana, full fat yogurt and a good scoop of cereal! I’m looking forward to summer! x

  3. I always pack snacks for school. I’m not going to get vending machine junk to eat. And the vending machines are too far away for me to walk to so I wouldn’t get a snack if I forgot to pack one.
    All your pics look so good.
    Weekends end too darn fast. I do not want to go back to school tomorrow, either. No more, please!

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