Self-love week

First off thank you all for your  supportive and understanding/helpful comments on my last post. I know the subject matter was far from light reading, but it’s something I felt was important to get off my chest, and to know that there’s others out there that can relate is beyond encouraging. I really appreciate you all.

On a totally different note I’m proud to report that this week I’ve been sticking to my commitment to take care of myself more. It’s honestly been fairly easy so far, because the uni craziness hasn’t really started up yet. Although I do have two tests coming up next week, so things are definitely picking up speed. They don’t give us much room to breath around here ;).  But  I’m proud of how well I’ve done this week, and I’m determined not to let that motivation die.

So how have I been spoiling myself last week?

–          I painted my nails for the first time in over 6 months. It’s not that I don’t like painting my nails – but I HATE chipped nailpolish, so it seems like a waste to spend time on my nails, when I just have to redo them a few days later. But I was happy I did, because it made me feel extra feminine and pretty.

–          I got a hair cut. Nothing too drastic, just the ends trimmed, but it feels so much healthier and smoother now.

–          I bought myself something  – a handbag. This is a big deal for me as spending money on myself is always considered big “waste” if it isn’t a necessity. But I’m don’t regret buying this bag at all, because the old one was falling apart and this one is just what I was looking for.

–          And as usual, I’ve been enjoying some good food

Some pretty…

Peanut butter and jelly oatmeal - enjoyed at home tastes a million time better

Some not…

Leftover party - lentils with stewed cabbage, a fried egg and my last peice of bread. Hey, I'm a poor student ok ;P

But all nutritious and healthy. With the occasional (i.e weekend) treats of sparkling wine and dark chocolate of course.

–          I also got busy in the kitchen and made myself some awesome millet and bean salad (which my camera battery died before I could take a picture of it) to take to uni with me next week. So I have a week of yummy lunches to look forward to 🙂

I made a variation of this recipie - subbing the brown rice for millet - yum scrum

–          I’ve also been keeping to my exercise “schedule”. My class schedule is pretty sporatic, so I can’t really set aside a definite amount of time each day. Which is probably better in some ways, because I’m not so rigid and can go with the flow and listen to my body more. This week I took it easy, as I’ve been under the weather and had a nasty head cold for about a week now. So here’s how my exercise week has looked like:

Monday : PE weight training class (yeah we have mandatory PE at uni) and at long walk.

Tuesday – yoga and 45 minute walk

Wednesday – yoga and some ab work

Thursday – a 20 minute ab and bun work out

Friday – Rest day (was feeling really sick)

Saturday – an awesome 45 minute treadmill run

 Fun fact about me – I like treadmills! I totally zone out and just enjoy the ride. I know a lot of people find treadmills terribly boring, but I’m not one of those people. I guess my own thoughts are entertaining enough.

I know this workout plan isn’t “hard core” compared to most peoples- but I’m happy with it. I do A LOT of walking on a day to day basis, and so I want my exercise to be more strength training/muscle toning as opposed to cardio. Plus it’s all about enjoying what you do, and I I’ve gotten over comparing with other people’s work outs, training regimes a long time ag0. There’s always going to be someone fitter then you, so why push yourself to the point it becomes a chore? Suffice it to say I feel good about what I’ve done and I really enjoyed all my exercise this week.

So those were my last weeks accomplishments – hopefully I can keep it up even though things are getting more and more stressful. I just have to keep in mind that life is meant to be enjoyed, and not only lived.


Take care all, and enjoy the weekend! I’m polishing off my second glass of wine and it’s off to bed for me 😉

Do you tend to compare yourself to other people in terms of fitness/ eating habits? Or have you found your own groove and do you stick to it? I used to be the comparing queen, but I’m much happier now that I’ve accepted that I’m my own person and need to do what’s best for me.

What did you do in terms of “self love” this week?



  1. WOO! You deserve some self-love, you’re awesome girl! 🙂 I love your nails, your new bag, and the awesome quote picture at the end, what a fabulous saying. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Hey there you! Wow. Your last few posts have really hit home with me. I struggle with the exact same things. I am also at the point where I have acknowledged that I have to accept that I am not the same as anyone else. Therefore I cannot compare my exercise and dietary habits with theirs. I am my own person. I don’t necessarily enjoy x as much as you do, therefore I shouldn’t force myself to do it.
    I have many times said this to myself: “I have to do X in order to be as good as them, otherwise I am useless”, and it’s so wrong. So Wrong. I am me, I am different and I am healthy. Nothing should be over-dramatized.

    Thank you so much for speaking through this post to my inner being. I love that you are treating yourself with so much love, we all need to do that. So, here I go and do something I LOVE! 🙂

  3. love your nails, do you find it hard to manage being a student and buying healthy food? I am going uni next year and unsure how to properly budget. I do have the habit of occasionaly comparing myself to others, but I just go with what I enjoy.

    • Budgeting and eating healthy as a student isn’t easy, but it’s definitely doable. I wrote a few posts on the topic a while back, I can send you the links if you’re interested. It takes time and some planning/strategy – but I’m sure you’ll be able to make it work for you 😉

  4. I love your self-loves this week! Especially the nail polish! You know how much I love nail polish. I make sure I always do mine at least once a week!

    I think I found my own groove when it comes to eating last year. I suddenly saw it as a complete waste of energy to constantly shape up my eating habits to everyone around me. I agree that it’s the making of much happier eating when you just do what you want and don’t think about what everyone is thinking! 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

  5. You definitely deserve some self love! Doing things for my self is something I struggle with. I’m always doing whats “best” or whats “needed” rather than what I want! I’m going to consciously try and do something nice for myself this week! (Maybe after my 3 midterms are over though!)

  6. Love it, glad you are taking time to honor yourself! I don’t really struggle with comparison to others but definitely become unsatisfied with myself, just not good enough…

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