No cheating

Happy WIAW!!!

I can’t remember the last time I was able to take part in one of these 🙂 . I always plan to, but then I forget and remember on Thursday. But today I actually managed to capture everything I eat in a day, and it was pretty fun.

Today actually isn’t a very good representation of my typical eats. Today I woke up exhausted and felt kind of weak and tired all day. I was also ravenously hungry, thus the frequent snacks. I’ll explain more on this later. But there was a lot of good healthy food today, so nothing to be ashaimed of 😛

Brekafast: Oatbran topped with  honey raisin peanut butter (I blended up some of my crunchy PB with raisins, cinnamon and honey for a creamy, sweet ), and a drizzle of honey and a massive cup of coffee.

I’m becoming a firm believer in the fact that PB makes everything better. The oatbran came out really nasty and gummy (maybe something to do with the ground flax I added) – but topped with PB it was ok.  Long live peanut butter!

After getting to work (right now I’m working part time at a fitness club , but it’s desk job and nothing too exiting :P) I could feel my sugar levels drop, so I had an apple and indulged in a late valentines day treat – chocolate!

I’m actually a dark chocolate lover, but there is one type of milk chocolate I do enjoy – and that is milk chocolate with hazelnuts. So that was my treat of choice for today.

Then it was time for lunch – bean salad with a tiny slice of (unpictured)bread.

Warm bean salad – green beans, white beans, cooked carrots and a bit of corn , eaten out of a classy cottage cheese container

But lunch didn’t really fill me up like it was supposed to, and an hour later I was STARVING. I litterally though I was going to pass out, so I had to lock up the place, run to a store and run back. Thankfully the “store” (e.i farmers market) was 1 minute away, and I made it there and back in record time. So lunch part 2 was 1/3 cup yogurt (which was eaten by the time I stopped to take a picture) and a delicious crispy apple – possibly the best I’ve had all month.


I thought that was the end of my snack adventures for the day, but obviously my body knew better. After getting home I was hungry AGAIN, so I opted for 2 crispbreads with cottage cheese and some leftover veggies from lunch.

Since I wasn’t feeling well I decided to do follow my challenge and not push myself to work out today, even though I ate more then usual. Instead I did a relaxing 20 minute yoga flow and because I spoiled my appetite with a late snack ate a smallish serving of dinner – bean chili with corn bread.

Not so photogenic, but very tasty. I ❤ cornbread!

After dinner I was full, but had a crazy dessert craving. I was craving chocolate, yogurt , honey and peanut butter so I decided to combine all three and see what happened.

A couple tablespoons of yogurt, 1 tsp of dutch cocoa powder, 1 tsp of honey and a glob of homemade honey raisin PB

The result- a creamy dessert that satisfied all my cravings and finally left me feeling full (maybe even a little too  full, totally worth it though 😉 )

As I mentioned before, I usually don’t snack as much as I did today. Throughout my eating journey I’ve learned that listening to my body is very important for staying healthy and maintaining a balanced diet. However, some days I try to cheat myself into eating less then I actually need. Yeasterday I had a busy day interning at a restaurant and then crammed in a work out  at the end of the day. All the while I ate a very minimal amount of food , because I was just “too busy”. So today not only was I ravenously hungry, but I felt weak and light headed all day with barely enough energy to do anything. So it just wasn’t worth it. Cheating doesn’t pay 😉

Of course I think it’s equally important to not freak out if you miss a few snacks or even a meal in a day, and feel extra hungry the next. Our bodies are awesome about balancing out energy defitiencies as long as we’re willing to listen to them. So even though today was a massive snack fest, I know I made good food choices, and I don’t feel bad about it.

Do you ever find yourself trying to cheat your body? Do you feel guilty on days you snack more then others, or do you try to “go with the flow” and trust your body knows best?



  1. Mmm those apples are making me so hungry! Once I get back to my apartment from being on campus all day, I HAVE to have one with pb 🙂 Way to go with listening to your body, you’re making such awesome progress in your recovery girl!!

  2. Hey girl..Wow honestly don’t take this the wrong way but if i ate that much i’d lose so much weight. I don’t know if that puts perspective on things for you but really, it looks like so lil 😦 and you eat less then that normallY?

    • Hey. I don’t take it the wrong way at all. Although I will point out that I had a lot of random bites throughout the day – cooking and all. Not to mention that the pictures don’t really properly portray portion sizes. For instance my bean salad was about 3 cups worth, and the post lunch apple was half the size of my head.
      But my recovery eating is definitely still a work in progress, so thank you for your feedback. It’s good to get someone elses perspective on the situation.

  3. I do that too- purposely pack a tiny lunch because I think it will mean I eat less….but then I’m just starving right after, snack, and feel so guilty about it. A bad cycle. I think planning snacks is great, it’s the unplanned ones that make me feel guilty (though trying to change it).

  4. Mm, I love your food! Looks delish! Awesome for listening to your body! I feel bad when I snack more than usual and I just have to remind myself that I’m doing it because I’m hungry.

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