Trip recap

So here’s the promised trip recap. I will apologize in advance that I’m a bad blogger and even worse photographer, so the pictures are few and slightly bad quality. That coupled with the fact that my friend doesn’t like having her picture taken means this post might be a little picture bare, but bear with me won’t you 😉

I left home around 7:30 because I had to travel an extra hour to get to my uni to pick up some paperwork. Thankfully that went smoothly, and after stopping at my dorm to pick up a few things I was on my next bus off to the “big city”.

I arrived at around 12:00 and my friend was there to pick me up. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing a familiar face after a long trip- it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Anyways, we have this tradition that every time we meet up we go out for coffee, so off we went.

There’s not very many places here that serve good coffee without cows milk, and I have suffered from some nasty stomach issues from having real lattes in the past, so I was very happy to find a café that served soya milk with no extra charge J. I had  the flat white pictured above (double espresso shots topped with steamed soya milk) and my friend had a white chocolate latte. I have to say, when it comes to coffee I like to taste the coffee with minimal additives- Frappuccino’s  and the like should be served cold in my opinion.

Anyhow, after a good 2 hours of catching up we decided to look around the mall. I still had all my luggage with me, and believe you me, clothes shopping with a huge backpack, handbag, coat and winter hat is NOT all that fun. But I was able to buy something I’ve been needing for a long time – a warm winter sweater. It might not be the most fashionable thing, but in -25 C warmth> fashion.

Then we went back to her place and I had a meal with her family (she still lives with her parents, but that doesn’t bother me since we’re old family friends and pretty much grew up together). I was a little apprehensive about telling them about my lactose intolerance and how I don’t eat meat, but they were super cool about it. Actually I was taken aback by how kind and accommodating they were. Usually when I tell people they either treat me funny, ask aqward questions (So, what happens when you drink milk?) or think I’m making it up. But her parents were totally different. In fact they gave me a bunch of soy powder and soy meat to take back with me – such sweethearts!

We stayed up late watching a kid movie with her little brother and talking. It was so nice just to sit back and do nothing.

After a good sleep in and a hearty oatmeal breakfast for me (which they had the BEST pots for – did you know that oats cook differently depending on the pot they’re in?)

…we decided to go to one of the biggest “museums” in the city  – the Copernicus Science institute. I didn’t believe my friend when she said we’d be gone for 3+ hours, but we ended up staying over 4 hours. Since it’s impossible for me to describe the place and all the exhibits in it, I’ll post a describtion taken from their website:

“Visitors can race against the human heart, discover the limits of their own sense of hearing, and become a lightning-tamer – boredom is virtually impossible at the Copernicus Science Centre.”


Paradoxically this is an area of darkness and shade. The absence of natural light sources provides ideal conditions for exploring the properties and essential nature of light.

Roots of civilization

What can be considered the sources of civilisation? What are the milestones in its development? What might the world look like in a few hundred years? The “Roots of Civilisation” gallery will both pose questions and inspire to seek answers.

Here we are discovering how mankind affects the environment, as well as how it affects us.

Our planet, water in the ocean, blood in our veins, particles in the air we breathe – all the surrounding world is on the move. The exhibition will show you sound waves and light spread, and what makes our finger move.

Me, my brain and emotions. My surroundings and my relations with the environment. Societies and communities and rules within them. Earth as a global village. All this constitutes the RE: generation gallery.

On the banks of the Vistula River and around the Copernicus Science Centre building and on its roof, there is an extraordinary garden called the Discovery Park. This is an open, green space, a place of relaxation geared for educational entertainment, dedicated to whole families.

I have to say – the generation exhibit was my favorite. It was fascinating to see how the human mind works, and all the interactive exhibits were beyond cool. I wish I had taken a few more pictures of the place (and that my friend was a better photographer :P) but here are a few so you get a general idea.

Me with a voice imitation robot

On a bed of nails

Me with a face imitation robot, which was actually able to mimic your facial expressions

Interactive learning exhibit

Music composition board

Unfortunatly I was feeling sick during this time, so as much as I would have loved to stay longer, we decided to head back home and rest. Plus we were both pretty hungry at this point, and being poor collage students we didn’t feel too inspired about eating in the overpriced restaurants in the center of town.

After eating and resting up a bit (I got to finish a novel I’ve been reading for over 6 months – just didn’t have the time since I started studying) we had a game night. We played Clue most of the evening and I even won  a round , which was cause to celebrate since I never win board games. Then we watched another movie and headed off the sleep.

The next morning we went for a walk in the city. We ended up stopping at an organic food store (as per my request) and I became the proud owner of a jar of organic, crunchy PB J. I couldn’t afford both the sunflower seed butter and nut butter, and so I opted for something that was the “safer bet”. Then we hit up a few more outlet stores and I bought a few majorly marked down items before heading back.


Aren't organic stores always laid out so cute ?

After lunch and fond farewells I was off on my way. Because of traffic I was home really late, but my siblings had planned a special movie night (complete with snacks and dark chocolate which they bought JUST for me) so I stayed up. All in all it was a great ending to a great trip and made me happy to be home again.

And guess what was featured in the next mornings oatmeal –

A very cautious first taste – and guess what – I liked it! J

And now I think it’s time for me to get out of bed and get dressed (it’s 10:00 AM). Hope you have an awesome weekend.

By the way, has anyone heard of soya powder and what to do with it. I first thought it was soya milk powder, but it’s definitely NOT (tried it in my coffee this morning – baaaad idea). Any ideas what I can use it for 🙂

Any peanut butter recipies I HAVE to try :)?



  1. Sounds like you had such an awesome time! I’m so jealous that you found a place that serves soya milk drinks with no extra charge! That’s very rare is this neck of the woods.

    You can use soy powder in place of normal flour is baking etc. It’s usually called soy flour. Look up gluten free recipes and see what recipes you can use it in 🙂

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