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Today was a special day for me…

I passed my last exam of the semester!

Anyone who hasn’t studied probably can’t relate relate to how liberating the feeling that comes after all the pre-exam, last minute assigment stress, but you who do know what I’m talking about 😉

What a great way to start off Febuary!! I think this calls for a survey post (haven’t seen that on here for a while). The lovely lady at “The breakfast diaries” tagged me on this

1)      I’m totally a morning person. I’m not sure if this is because I physically can’t sleep in the morning (the longest I’ve ever slept in after staying up till 7:00 Am was 12:00) I have a hard time working late at night (although relaxing or partying isn’t too hard to do 😉  ) so I find my most productive times are in the morning. Seriously, I wake up at 5:30 pre-exams to study. This is totally unlike the typical uni student schedule, which is sleep till 10:00 minimum before even contemplating getting out of bed 😉

2)      My biggest “guilty pleasure” is coffee. I know I probably drink too much and should limit my intake, but it’s just such a nice way to start off your morning, afternoon, night studies 😉 I would take a good cup of coffee over a decadent dessert any day.

3)      I don’t like smoothies. Wait, let me rephrase that, I like the idea of smoothies, but they really don’t fill me up at all, and I always finish them feeling somewhat cheated. They’re ok as a light snack in summer, or a side to a “real meal” but I much prefer something I can chew. Slurping just doesn’t do it for me.


4)       I used to dance all the time. Either by myself in my room, performing in dance troops, or choreographing and organizing a kids dance troop. Seriously there was a time I couldn’t imagine life without dancing being a regular part o me. I think I should get back into it, because that was something that really made me happy.

5)      I’m insanely picky about my hot cocoa/ chocolate. It’s probably why I never like ordering it in restaurants or buying it ready made. I like it REALLY DARK (made with Dutch cocoa) with only a splash of milk, sweetener and a slight dash of chili for a spicy kick. Weird, maybe, but that’s how I like it.

6)      I like books/movies that end with the main character dying. Not because I don’t enjoy a happy ending, but because I feel then the story has run a full circle. It had a beginning and a definite end. Plus it’s generally more realistic than the price and princess riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after.

7)      The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was baloot – I am NOT going to post a picture of it for you, because it’s not very appetizing. However, I encourage you to google it and then praise me for my bravery ;). I will however admit I ate it with my eyes closed.

8)      When I was a kid I used to entertain myself by telling myself the story of my life in third person. I also wrote poems, short stories, songs (I never got very far with this one), and drew. I’m wondering where all that creativity went.

9)      I love hot water bottles in winter. I use them a lot because of my weird stomach issues, but even when I’m not in pain I love cuddling up with something warm and fuzzy. Particularly since I have 0% tolerance to cold and was definitely made for tropical climates.

10)   Since beginning studies I am paranoid about forgetting something. I check my bag at least 5 times before leaving my dorm. I misplace things and have to write lists to keep track of everything. Must be all that new information cluttering my brain.

11)   I enjoy cleaning the house when I’m annoyed or stressed out. It’s one of the best “stress therapies” in my opinion because it gets my mind off whatever’s bothering me AND is productive so I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. Although my least favorite chores is washing dishes (probably because it’s so repetitive).


Now onto my questions:

1)      Which foreign language would you most like to learn and why?

This would probably be between Arabic or Spanish. I consider both to be very beautiful languages (Arabic slightly more so) but Spanish is more practical for day to day use


2)      What were the last three books you read? Which was your favourite?

I really haven’t been reading much aside from anatomy/genetic/chemistry text books recently, but an all time classic for me has been the Bourne Trilogy by Eric Van Lustbader  (which I intend to read again over the spring break) – don’t judge the book by the movie though, the book is a million times better. I’ve actually never seen the movie because I don’t want to ruin the book.


3)      What is your favourite thing about your home/house/flat/dorm room?

Dorm room it would have to be the covers on my bed and the hot shower next door. Other than that there’s really not all that much endearing about that place 😛 At home my favorite thing is my knick knacks, cups/bowls and cozy kitchen.


 4) Cereal vs. oatmeal/porridge?

Cereal – major fun food. Love the crunch and flavor, but it has zero filling power for me. Oatmeal on the other hand is my power food that will keep me going all day 😉


4)      If you could be a Disney character for a day which one would you choose?

Gosh, this is a hard one. Off the top of my head it would be Pocahontas – I’ve always found something fascinating about her and the world she lived in.


6) What was your favourite subject at school?

Language arts. I love reading and writing, so this was right up my alley. Although I wasn’t 100% sold on grammar and spelling 😛


7) What was the first album you bought?

I think it was some kind of random hip-hop mix. (I was really into hip-hop back when I was about 11-12 – although I’ve kind of grown out of that phase now)


8) Who makes you laugh?

One of my friends. He thinks he’s a lot funnier then he is, but some times he has me laughing so hard I can’t stop. And my mom, but mainly when


9) What is your favourite smell?

I love the smell of the forest right after it rains. As far as perfumes go I’m in love with Calvin Kleins “Obsession”. If you’re a guy and you wear that perfume you get some major brownie points in my book 😉


10) Which historical figure/person do you find the most interesting?

Is it really bad to say I don’t know. I was never much of a history buff in general. My (somewhat pessimistic ) approach to history is that “the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history”.


12)   What is your favourite chocolate bar??

I don’t know about my favorite chocolate bar, but I love “After Eight” chocolates. Mint and dark chociolate are the best combination ever.

I know most people have already done this survey, but I’m going to tag a few of you anyways 😉




Breakfast Junkie

Here are the rules:

1: You must post these rules.
2: Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
3: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

And here are your quiestions:

1) What is your biggest pet peeve?

2) What is your idea of the “perfect morning”?

3) Best movie you’ve ever seen?

4) If you could meet one celebrity in person, who would it be?

5) The most exotic place you’ve ever visited (or would like to visit)?

6) Who’s a role model for you and why?

7) 4 qualities you look for in a good friend?

8) 5 quirky habits you have?

9) Cake or ice-cream?

10) 2 quotes that motivate you?

11) What did you want to be when you grew up?

Have a great month everyone!



  1. YAY!!!! I’ve been tagged!!! haha I totally need to do this 🙂 And I love these because I learn SO much about other bloggers! 🙂

    Oh and random, but my grandmas friend used to always call me Pocahontas when I was little because I guess I looked like her! haha so that’s who I’d be 😉

  2. Awesome, I needed something to post for today!
    These are so much fun! I’ve never heard of that chocolate but it sounds amazing. Mainly because it’s chocolate.

  3. Oh I loved reading this, it’s so much fun learning more about you 🙂 You’ve given me a huge craving for a cup of coffee! I did exactly the same thing as a child, I loved making up stories and pretending I lived all sorts of lives. And I love love LOVE hot water bottles 🙂 I get very easily cold, I’ve been curling up with one every night lately!

  4. Thanks for tagging me!!

    OMG BALOOT LOOKS SO GROSS! You, my friend, are so brave.I like the sound of your hot chocolates too! Mine have to be creamy and chocolatey. I’ve had such bland hot chocolates at cafes that I just don’t order them anymore. And the fact that they make me sick is a factor in the too. I have to make them at home 😛


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