Silly food stereotypes

Hi all!

I was planning a deeper, more thought provocing post. But since I’ve been up since 5:30 working and studying for an upcoming exam, I don’t really have the mental stamina to type it up in a logical, comprehensive fassion. But as soon as this exam is done and over with I’ll be posting, so stay tuned.

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is the stereotypes we are surrounded with. Daily we are force-fed others opinion – either by the media, the people around us, or just the accepted norms of the culture around us, and we rarely stop long enough to question them. But I think there’s a lot of stearotypes we would find to be totally false, if we would only stop long enough to question them and form our own opinions. So here are some silly  foodie stereotypes I bashed during the weekend:

–          Silly stereotype no.1 – oats are horse food (I’ve actually been told this by others 😛 ) As a pre-teen it was so uncool to eat oatmeal so I  stopped eating it for years. But since discovering new and exiting ways of making it, I can’t get enough! So glad they’re a healthy indulgence  🙂

My current favorite oatmeal combination- oats with soya milk, flax, cinnemon and raisins.

–          Silly stereotype no . 2 – Healthy equals bland or boring. So not true! I made a variation of chia seed chocolate pudding and it was so rich and delicious I could hardly believe I was eating something healthy.

–          Silly stereotype no 3. – Simple can’t equal delicious. The best foods are all gormet. My favorite snack of late has been anything but fancy, but the combination is incredible.

Oranges (or tanderines) topped with yogurt , cinnemon and honey. It’s amazing (and no, that’s not my picture :P)

–          Silly stereotype no 4. – Spinage is yucky 😛 . I wonder who came up with this one? Although admittedly I was turned off to spinach for a long time because the first time I was served it boiled with no seasonings. Did I mention it was frozen, shredded spinach. Yeah, I think I’d still dislike it. But I did have a proud moment when my little brothers picked out a leaf of spinach from their dinner the other day and said “Leelu, we like this green stuff” (I had cooked dinner by the way 😀 )

Ugly picture – delicious food. Millet with sauted spinach, chickpeas and melted cottage cheese. Soooo good!

–          Silly stereotype no 5. Milk chocolate is better then dark chocolate. Ok, so this is more of a personal preference, but it seems the majority of “normal people” prefer milk chocolate and think of dark chocolate only in a baking capacity. Such a sad thought. Oh well, at least there’s more in the world for me.

What’s a silly foodie stereotype in your opinion?



  1. Good luck for your exam. I can totally relate to how stressed you are right now for exams, I have just finished my last one on Friday, and I dont think I have ever been so stressed in my life.
    This is so true, especially about the oats, I love them, but when you are young, most people desire the typical Kellogs cold cereals.

  2. love this post! i’m definitely with you on all of them! i love chia pudding! it definitely is amazing! and it has the perfect ratio of omega 3/omega 6 fats 🙂
    i think people look at vegans and think we are ‘starving.’ that is one stereo type that is DEFINITELY not always true! or that all we eat is granola. haha

  3. I always used to get made fun of for eating “horse food” too! Now I can’t imagine a day without a bowl of oats 🙂
    A funny food stereotype I’ve encountered was one my dad believed for years– that peanut butter was just peanuts blended with legit butter haha!!

  4. I love this post. I hate all of those stereotypes especially because people refuse to believe that they aren’t true. One of my friends refuses to try my vegan cookies simply because they’re vegan and therefore can’t be delicious.

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