Knowing your limits…. And sticking to them

So sorry I left you all hanging on such a negative post. I don’t really want to get into the details of the situation, suffice it to say it’s done and over and your supportive comments definitely made a difference. So thank you all so much.

The worst of the exams are over. I have 2 in the next week and then one a week after that, but this has been by far the most hectic period of my studies so far. Between sleepless nights, multiple cups of coffee, crazy amounts of pressure and fickle professors I’m more then ready for the weekend.

During this week I realized something very odd about myself. As much as I pride myself in knowing my limits, somehow I feel like I have to test them on every occasion. After writing my last exam of the week on Thursday I was so tired and mentally spent all I could do was lie on my bed and stare at the celeing. Yet, I was contemplating taking an addition 2 exams in order to try to up my grades.

Truth is, I knew it was too much. I knew I was piling on the pressure so high that I couldn’t handle it. But something kept forcing me to try, to push myself just a little bit more, to try to drain the last bit of energy out of me.

But I was able to say no. I was able to push my perfectionist tendencies to the side and acknowledge the fact that I am in fact human and that’s ok. I don’t have to have the best grades of the class, I don’t have to push myself till I can hardly keep my eyes open and all I dream of at night are exams and professors.

There’s a reason athletes don’t push themselves past a certain point. Although it might help them do well in a particular training or game, it can lead to a long term injury that will end their career for good. It’s not all that different in day to day life. You can live each day pushing yourself to the brining, but that won’t last very long. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you burning out in the beginning is just not worth it.

So I decided to come home for the weekend. I went to a fitness class, spent some time talking with my parents, and I think I’m gonna call it an early night. Because you’ve just gotta treat yourself once in a while:

It can be as simple as a decent lunch when you’ve been living off sandwhiches for the past week.

Or a special breakfast 😉

                                                                          I never understood what all the hype about “oats i jar” was. That was until I tried them myself. By far the best breakfast of the week.  This particular combination was banana oat bran in a raw almond butter jar – topped with banana and cinnemon

Or a trip for a special coffee to the local café (complete with dessert of course)

Or a manicure, pedicure, hot shower or bath.

These simple little things make more then just a drudgery and a chore. Because it’s not all just about how fast you can get there,  but enjoying the journey along the way.

Do you ever feel you need to push yourself to the brink?

What little pleasures do you indulge in?

Ever try oats in a jar? Were you as wow-ed as I was :P?



  1. Yes,I definitely know getting the urge to push myself as far as possible; until all of my energy is used up and I am sick and tired of everything and everyone around. But I also know this is dangerous and I HAVE to fight against the desire to literally break myself!
    You can be very proud of yourself that you were able to say “No” this week and I really hope this will be possible for you again and again and again because it is so IMPORTANT for your health; for YOURSELF,and you’re too precious to break yourself.

    I’ve never tried OIAJ yet,but I think I defitely have to as everyone is crazy about it,haha! 😛

  2. Knowing your limits is so important !
    I used to do the same (and sometimes still do) “i don’t need to sleep” and after a while my brain just blew ! I became moody, being hyper then depressed, then more depressed …. And now, I know where my limits are and my life is so much better. I’m not really moody (except PMS ahahha), I have a lot of energy, I’m not depressed anymore.
    But I learnt to stop, to make my priorities, to respect my physiological limits, not to put too much pressure on myself.

    Enjoy your weekend, sleep to recover for the past few days and spend some time for yourself (family time, good food, friends, pedicure sound good too )

  3. I know the feeling but it is important to know your limits. Whenever I push myself I freak out and it’s just not good.
    I have never had oats in a jar but I’ve been meaning to. I guess they’re delicious, huh?

  4. I think most people push themselves at some point and don’t really realise how far they’ve gone! I definitely have done that in the past! I do think it’s important to learn from times when you pile too much on your plate and recognise your limits.

    As for pleasures: if I’m feeling a bit just rushed-off-my-feet or stressed I like to take time to do silly little things like do my nails, take an extra 5 minutes to do my make-up in the morning or give myself more time for breakfast. Basically, I like to try and make myself feel less rushed and slow the pace a bit!

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