A nutty quiestion

Thank you all so much for your support on my last post. It really has helped me through some crazy times last week.

My camera batteries died recently – so no photos for now :(. Not that I have much to show anyways. I’ve been going between my classes and my books for the past week, so it’s really not all that exiting πŸ˜›

Things are kind of coo-coo crazy before all the exams, so I might not get back to regular posting till Febuary – sorry about that.

In the meantime I have a quiestion…

I’ve finished my last bit of nut butter next week :(. Β And I’m thinking I need to replenish my stock so I have some quick “on the go” fuel for days I don’t have time to cook a decent meal (more often then I’d care to admit). Peanut butter is the only option at the moment, and althought it’s not my favorite, it’ll be a good thing to have on hand.

So the quiestion is : salted or unsalted? I’m really not a expert :P, so I would love to hear which one you guys think is best

Oh yes, and any easy, make ahead go to meal ideas that don’t spoil easily would be greatly appreciated as well πŸ™‚

Enjoy the weekend everyone!



  1. Gena @ ChoosingRaw blogged about a Lentil Sweet Potato loaf the other day and I made it and it’s been a pretty decent lunch / dinner! I think I made it on Sunday and it’s still good today on Friday, so I don’t think you’ll have trouble with it spoiling.

    Soups made without dairy also keep well and can be frozen (so long as they don’t have potatoes – ruins the texture), so you can make large batches of those. Split pea or squash soups are hearty and filling, easy to make, and welcome the addition of a cooked grain, some greens, and/or beans, so you can make a complete meal out of them.

  2. Salted. There’s nothing wrong with a little sodium! And as others said, it brings out the flavor… I’ve tried peanut butter without salt and it’s soooo plain and odd tasting — really quite gross! πŸ˜›

    Are you a fan of cabbage? Stewed cabbage is really good and you can flavor it up with many seasonings/other vegetables like tomatoes or celery… You can find a lot of different recipes online!

  3. Salted! At least, I’m fairly sure most of the pbs I’ve had have had some amount of salt added. We need sodium, especially if we are exercising so, I figure it’s okay!

    I hope you are not to stressed out with the exam period – sucks, right? I hate deadline/exam period! x

  4. Right now, I just have unsalted nut butter (the only healthy natural peanut butter that I find in France)
    But in US, I love the salted peanut butter. Smuckers is the BEST !!! Better than any food =)

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