How I spent New Years Eve.

I can hardly believe it’s 2012 – I keep wondering where 2011 went.  Time is weird that way, at moments it feels like it lasts forever, and other times it flies by.

Just like my holiday season at home. Although I theoretically spent 11 days at home I feel like it’s been less than a week.  But it’s been long enough for me not to go back to uni. But I know it’s just an initial feeling, and once I get there it’ll be ok

New Years Eve was a fun, family affair. I usually go out and party with friends, so this was the first year I can remember I spent New Years  Eve with my family. But it was great fun.

The evenings festivities started off with an early home made pizza dinner (courtesy of yours truly) .


I’m the designated pizza maker in this house, but I always end up having problems with the dough :P, so it’s never as relaxing and calm of an affair as I’d like. Plus making pizza for 9 people with big appetites isn’t a walk in the park.. So after dinner was served and eaten, it was time for a starter drink.


After a few hours, my parents got in the kitchen to prepare appetizers for our party. One things about having a big family made up of mainly pre-teen and teen boys mean they eat A LOT. So we had a variety of snacks and munchies on the menu – chicken nuggets, cold cuts, pasta salad, cookies, prezzles and chips.. My specialty were some puff pastry tarts which burned (don’t you just love it when that happens), but still got eaten, so they must have been ok.

Then we played some fun kids games with the whole family. I wish I had some better pictures, because it was SUCH a fun evening. Everyone participated, from the youngest to the oldest and the evening was filled with laughter and silliness.

After the youngest ones went to bed, and I watched an old James Bond with my older brothers. Those early ones are such a classic, they’re great fun to watch 🙂

A few minutes before 12:00 we gathered in the living room to have a New Years toast and watch the fireworks from the window.  We sat around talking about our plans , hopes and dreams for the New Year, and then everyone drifted off to finish their movies and off to bed. All in all it was a really nice way to kick off the new year and end my holiday season.

So now I’m off to uni – to a month filled with finals (we have them later over here), exams and more tests. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll try to keep a positive attitude and focus on enjoying myself and my surroundings more than just stressing about my grades.

I will miss something about home:

But I have my memories to keep me smiling.


And hot water bottles to keep me warm 🙂

 My birthday present – isn’t it adorable.

What did you do for New Years Eve? Are you the crazy party type, or more the  sit at home and chill type?

What old movies do you enjoy?





  1. Cherish those memories, they sound so wonderful!
    Im not a partier, i believe i was sleeping by 11pm
    Happy New Year!
    Any classic disney is LOVE 🙂

  2. That sounds like a warm and wonderful way to bring into the New Year. 🙂 I always am with my family on the Eve…the only day of the year I stay up till 12 and drink champagne 😛
    Oh. James Bond and Pierce Brosnan = ❤ haha.
    Good luck with exams dear!! Try not to stress yourself terribly much.

  3. I’m not a fan of big parties but usually spend New Years Eve at home with my sister which is always pretty nice 🙂
    I actually hate James Bond movies,but I’m glad you’ve had a nice time though 😉
    Good luck on your finals,girl,I know you can do it!

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