Love is the most important thing.

The last exams have been written, the last two days have been filled with internships, Christmas shopping, cooking,  psychology assigment writing, hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas movies and baking,  and far too little sleep.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to change a think.

I’m exhausted but happy. It’s so good to be home, with the people you love, celebrating something as worthwhile as Jesus being born. Wheather you’re a Christian or not I think  Christmas means the same thing for each of us – a celebration of love.  A celebration of Christ’s love for us, of our love for each other . It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, if you are looking forward to a mountain of presents and a feast , or a simple dinner and maybe a gift or two – you can still celebrate being with the ones that matter most to you  just the same.

In all of the last minute holiday hustle and bustle – let’s not forget what’s most important – love. Love is the most important thing, and I think love is something we can all celebrate.

Merry Christmas Eve!



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