A student’s life WIAW edition

A students life(WIAW edition)

 6:30 AM revile – a sleep in due to the fact there are no upcoming exams today (a rarity mind you).

6:30- 6:45 – Dressed and hair brushed (I’m a speed demon I know ;P). Breakfast time.

The usual week day breakfast – overnight oats (made with soya milk, yogurt, raisins, and apples. Garnished with almonds).

6:45-7:10 – Morning “peacefull” time (most mornings this alternates between studying )

7:10- 7:30 – Triple check if you have everything packed and ready for the day, pack food (if needed), put on finishing touches of makeup.

7:30 – 7:45 – Leave dorm and hurry to class. (All my classes start at 8:00 AM, aren’t you all jelous)

8:00– Start class – today it was ecology – my favorite – NOT!!!

9:30– Finish class. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that your schedule isn’t too packed and you get to go back to your dorm for snack 🙂

10:30 Snack (more like second breakfast)with a side of parasite study – always great for the appetite.

All natural multigrain cereal with sunflower seeds, an apple and coffee.

10:30-13:00 Study time, make lunch – once again enjoying the fact it’s something other than sandwhiches .

Scarry looking, but extremely tasty mixture – brown rice with beans,spices and nutritional yeast. Side of carrot sticks.

And dessert just cuz I can – almond butter, banana and crackers.

13:30- 18:00 – Afternoon classes with an early dinner (can’t escape those sandwhiches). At least they were delicious – sourdough sunflower-seed rye bread sandwhiches with hummus, tomatoe and cheese.

18:30- 19:30 – More studying.

19:30- 20:00- Shower and SNACK TIME. (Although I’m sure my roommate already thinks I’m odd due to the fact I eat beans and grains and veggies on a regular basis – this is a rarity amongst students, I decided to try to keep some form of normalicy and not take pictures of my food in front of her.) So this was the best I could do.

20:00 -20:30 More studies. 20:30 – Make tomorrows overnight oats, clean room , pack notebooks for tomorrow.

21:00 – 21:30 – Spend far too much time drawing a silly picture on pain of your night snack, editing photos and writing this post 😛

21:30-22:30 – Due to a pending Parasitology exam I see more studying and an early night of sleep, so I can get up early and do a bit more studying before the day begins. No late night parties for me people – dietitian studies are no joke.

What’s your favorite/least favorite subject at school?? I really enjoy psychology and anatomy. I strongly dislike ecology – mainly because I don’t understand how learning about the biological structure of the ecosystem will help me in my future profession

. What’s your favorite sandwhich combo? I have to say hummus, cheese and tomatoe are tops in my book, followed by hummus and grilled veggies (zuchinni, eggplant).

When do you prefer to study, in the evenings or the morning? I usually end up going to bed early so I can study in the morning, my brain just works better then.



  1. Thanks for sharing your student-y eats! I’m going to have to plan a post about my school-day grub. I don’t necessarily prefer to, but I usually end up getting up early in the morning to study 😉

  2. It’s glad to hear that I am not the only student at uni that eats beans and grains! My flatmates found out about my blog during the first week of school, so now they understand why I take pictures of my food all the time 😛

    I love all the sciences. As for sandwiches, definitely hummus and roasted veggies.

  3. I love your artwork snack. Pretty epic. You are so lucky you have no exams. I have one tonight and one tmmrw morning. Kill me please. I am a speed demon too in the morning bc I like to have my beauty sleep.

  4. All that looks so yummy! 6:30 is pretty early, but at least you get a good start on your day! When I was in school, I liked to study in the afternoon. I usually had class in the morning and then I wanted to play at night! Thanks for sharing your delicious eats!

  5. I wish you could take the Ecology of Foods class that I’m currently in right now. It talks about how food systems, GE crops, water shortages, food miles, etc. and so forth affect the planet and we learn all about how our food choices impact everything. It’s like ecology but focused directly on food so it’s perfect for the dietetics majors and I find it absolutely enjoyable.

    My favorite subject is probably any of my Food and Nutrition courses that involve community aspects considering that’s what I want to go into after I graduate. I’m not too happy with my Anatomy class at the moment because of neuroanatomy and I’m getting ready for the semester to just be over with. 😛

  6. “(Although I’m sure my roommate already thinks I’m odd due to the fact I eat beans and grains and veggies on a regular basis – this is a rarity amongst students) ” ——-SAME HERE!! Haha, my lab partner thinks that I am crazy because I do not eat fast food…

    Good luck with the upcoming Parasitology exam! I think I would love to learn anatomy and biology. Currently, only mathematics and electrical or computer courses fill my brain, which is not something to be too happy with. Just want the term to end!

    I love waking up early (5) in the morning, to study. I feel refreshed and energetic at that hour.

    Mmm..hummus and grilled veggie sandwich sounds delicious. I love almond butter toasts…does that count hehe 😛


  7. I am like you- I prefer to do hard thinking stuff in the morning when I am more alert.

    And I appreciated your paint picture of your snack. 😛

  8. Busy you! I am most definitely a morning studier as long as I have a good breakfast and coffee on the side 🙂
    You are so studious! How many courses are you taking?

  9. looks like a long day since u have to get up quite early! amazing that you can still fit in lots of tasty and healthy eats. my favourite sandwich combo must me roasted veggies, hummus and spinach.. oh no.. i also love salmon, mustard, cucumber and lettuce. yum

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