There’s always time.


Ultra busy seems to be the story of my life right now – I have internships in my schedule in addition to my part time job and constant test/exams – and although internships might be the funnest part of the whole study process, they cut a good 8 hours out of a week that already seems to have far too few.

In case you were wondering my internships are just a general introduction to the “dietitian” business. This year I will be interning in a hospital, catering site and kindergarten. Basically this year will be more of a watch and learn experience – I’m learning about all the paperwork that goes into the food storage and production in these facilities, as long and the rules and regulations of food preparation and the safety procedures. I will be working with the dietitians/meal planners in these different institutions and just seeing what their job entails and helping with some general meal plans. Nothing fancy, but it beats sitting in hours of ecology lectures that’s for sure 😉

Anyhow, I’m realizing as time goes on that there is no such thing as having “time” for something. For instance some people with seemingly endless free time don’t have time for such simple things as exercising – because they fill their time with other things that are important to them (playing hours of video games for instance). On the other hand there are people that lead extremely hectic, fast-paced lives and manage to find time to squeeze in a  quick run or spin class at least a few times a week. How does that work?

It comes down to a matter of priorities, you have time for the things you make time for. For some people it’s exercise, for others it’s blogging, for others it’s fancy food prep and amazing photos. Other people make time for novel reading, or gaming, or sports, or partying. I think people SHOULD make time for the things they enjoy and that make them happy, but we shouldn’t use the excuse that we “don’t have time for something” if it’s really important to our health and well being (a balanced diet, a reasonable amount of exercise, getting enough sleep) – because we do. Keeping ties with families and friends are also an important aspect of a balanced life in my opinion, so I’d include this as  a priority as well.

As much as I try I don’t manage to make all the things I would like a priority, and I could definitely make some changes in this area.  But to start off on a positive note, here are some things I always make time for:

Breakfast – this is something I NEED to start my day. If I try skipping or skimping on it – I feel my energy levels dropping almost immediately and I’m cranky and in a bad mood. So I’d say it’s a good time investment.

(chocholate overnight oats with banana, almond butter and a bit of cherry jam)

Study. I don’t understand people that don’t feel like studying or  “don’t have time” because they have more important things to do. I feel like since I’m a student, studying is my “job” and I try to do it to the best of my abilities (I may even overdo it sometimes)

One warm meal a day. In between classes it’s usually sandwiches and fruit, but I try to cook (or heat up) at least one meal a day. Although I have had “cereal dinners” in times past, I usually am able to squeeze in one decent meal a day – involving a grain, a protein and a veggie (even if it is out of a can :P)

(Fancy photos are not exactly high on my priority list – as you can see. A quick buckwheat, kindey bean bowl topped with nutirional yeast – with a side of tinned tomatoes :P)

At least 15 minutes of down time. Time when I can sit on my computer, check my mail or read blogs. Sometimes I spend it chatting up my “dorm mates” or talking on the phone. Whatever I do though, that is my  “me time” and I don’t try to multitask or squeeze in extra work.

Time with my family while I’m at home. I usually still have a bunch of studying to do at home, but I always try to at least spend the evening catching up and chatting. I do feel bad I can’t really relax 100%, but I figure at least a little bit of time is better than nothing – right?

Here are some things that I feel I’ve been “too busy” for, but it’s really no excuse and I aspire to do better in:

  • Exercise. Aside from a LOT of walking I haven’t been devoting much time to this, and I know I should. Last week I went to an ice-skating ring with some friends and had a blast! I actually worked up a sweat, but was also able to relax and de-stress a bit at the same time.
  • Socialize. I tend to be a bit anti-social, because I get so caught up in the world of tests and assigmets I forget I deserve to have a life too. I think that spending more time with others would make me a lot less tense and able to enjoy life more. Also I need to remember to keep in touch with my friends abroad as well, because I’ve been slacking in this as well.
  • Sleep – I do better and worse at this, but I often feel like sleeping is a waste of time. But I know that when I’m overtired I only accomplish about 50% of what I could if I was well rested. So sleeping really is a good investment.

What are some things you always take time for? What’s the top on your priority list?



  1. This post is SO true! I always take time for breakfast, studying, and family too 🙂
    I think God is at the top of my priorities and then my family. Gotta love family, eh? 😉

  2. Your internships sound so interesting!!! I hope they’re going well 🙂

    Awesome priority list! I need to make one… I Tend to run in a thousand directions and then not accomplish any of the things I intend to!

  3. A few of my priorities for my health include sleep and exercise. Sleep is one that I’ve been having a hard time with. It seems that no matter what time I go to bed, my body kind of has this alarm in it that I can’t sleep past a certain time — even if I want to. But tonight, I am going to get my body back on it’s normal clock (weekends and breaks sometimes throw my body clock out the window). Bedtime is at 10pm! 🙂

  4. we live in a culture that supposedly allows for more recreation time than ever before in history. Since we don’t have to fight for our lives (I shouldn’t generalize but here I go) or make all our clothes and build shelter or hunt and gather our food, it’s weird people seem say they don’t have time for things they want to do. I do that too but now that I notice, I do my best to say something like, “I don’t want to” or, “I’d rather do..” instead of “I’d love too but I don’t have time”. It’s like if you have something in mind that you aren’t doing but you’d like to do, it may take some time to work out. At least we have the freedom to prioritize and think about personal values.

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